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Looks Like We Made It

After four decades, Barry Manilow's musical finally debuts at the Alliance Theatre

Forty years ago, Barry Manilow had a dream. Not of selling 80 million records or writing some of the most ubiquitous pop melodies of the late twentieth century, though he did that in due time. No, he wanted to write for Broadway. Read More

Go East: Here lie dragons

Exploring Flannery O'Connor territory

On a table in the foyer of Andalusia, Flannery O’Connor’s ancestral home, next to the bird-watching pamphlets and the fishbowl stuffed with cash donations, sits a stack of maps bearing the signature of one J.K. King. Read More

Communal Commuting

What I've learned from riding MARTA

When a subway train first begins to whine and shimmy as it pulls away from a station, for an instant everything inside is suspended. The g-forces have just begun to exert their will on the bodies inside the train cars, but the bodies haven’t yet had a chance to respond. Read More

Haunted South

I’m trailed not so much by guilt, but ghosts

The South is supposed to be haunted—crumbling houses and graveyards crowded with specters, spirits dripping like Spanish moss from ancient gnarled trees. Read More

Over the Big Top

World's tallest circus camper takes on the tightrope

The circus camp was held every summer, and my obsession was such that I—an infamously impatient child—was willing to wait two whole years until I met the minimum age requirement. Read More