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Test Drive: Vilas MedSpa

The HydroCapsule's futuristic angle and supple results


Ever since I climbed into the HydroCapsule at Vilas MedSpa in Cumming, I’ve hated showering upright. It’s so much nicer to experience the warm mists of water and enveloping pillows of steam—designed to exfoliate, hydrate, and detoxify—while prone, ensconced in a womblike plastic spaceship.

Inside the candlelit spa, you begin by filling out a questionnaire based on the three doshas, or body/mind types, of Ayurvedic medicine: vata, pitta, and kapha. After slipping into a plush robe, you receive a cup of tea, custom-brewed based on your body’s needs. (Accompanying the tea are chocolate chip cookies, so it’s not all about cleansing. Personally, I skipped the tea and opted for Toll House.)

Next I was escorted into a private room, where my pod awaited. It was a gleaming white contraption, hinged at one end like a plastic Easter egg. I climbed aboard—no easy feat since the HydroCapsule was tall and I’m short and I happened to be au naturel at the time. Once I was safely on deck with strategically placed towels, massage therapist Kaveri Cornett lowered the lid, covering everything but my head. She tucked a towel between the top of the capsule and my neck and turned on the Vichy shower. I had climbed into paradise.

The ensuing sixty minutes were a blur. Between the sprays of the shower and the puffs of steam from below, pulsing colored lights balanced my chakras and relaxing music tinkled throughout the room. Every once in a while Kaveri would turn off the shower (boo!) to wipe me down with oil, lube me up with lotion, or exfoliate. In between, I’d slip back into the comforting uterus of the capsule, nearly drifting off each time as the shower and steam did its soothing work and she performed a deep scalp and face massage.

All too soon, the fun ended. I had to disembark from my UFO (even tougher now that I was slippery) and come back to Earth. Though the $120 price tag makes the treatment too steep to enjoy on a regular basis, it was a luxurious trip that made my skin feel incredibly soft for days. HydroCapsule Body Exfoliation, Vilas MedSpa, 5745 Clarion Street, Suite B-62, Cumming, 770-887-1901, vilasmedspa.com

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