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Greet the day with our indispensable guide to breakfast in Atlanta, a feast of pancakes, sausages and biscuits, French toast . . . and even international specialties like Mexican chilaquiles. By Bill Addison, Christiane Lauterbach, and Wyatt Williams

The Bloody Best
Tangy, salty, puckery, spicy: The Bloody Mary (likely conceived at Harry’s New York bar in Paris almost a century ago) is our national Sunday jump start. A boozy quest revealed these four hot tomatoes as our citywide brunch favorites.

International Breakfast Specialties
No matter how colorful the mix of cheeses, meats, and vegetables folded into an omelet, or how fanciful the fruit toppings on pancakes or oatmeal, at their core our breakfast staples come down to egg dishes, cereals, and griddled carb bombs. Though reassuring, it can also get monotonous. Start the day instead by trying a classic breakfast from another country.