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Write Club ATL Vs. True Story!

If blogging was a way for writers to retreat at the start of this century, public performance of said written words seems to be the trend for this decade—raw, real storytelling at its most crafted yet natural form. These lit events don’t just connect storytellers with like-minded wordsmiths; they open up the experience of storytelling. How two of our favorites stack up.

  Write Club ATL True Story!
In a nutshell Storytelling as performance-art smackdown Merging narrative nonfiction and oral history
What that means In a literary twist on the debate, two writers get opposing topics and seven minutes each to present a masterpiece. The sound level and duration of listeners’ applause denote the winner. Combines reading of published or in-progress nonfiction with show-and-tell; authors have brought unsent letters, childhood drawings, VHS recordings, and other artifacts.
Virtual extras Podcasts, contributors posting to the club’s Local Voices blog Visual aids, “artifacts” accompanying storytelling, podcasts
Sample participants Memoirist Jessica Handler, blogger and author Andisheh Nouraee, novelist Daniel Black Essayist John Jeremiah Sullivan, novelist Susan Rebecca White, journalists Thomas Lake and Candice Dyer
Details Second Wednesday of each month
644 North Highland Avenue,
Every other month, Fridays
Kavarna, 707 East Lake Drive, Decatur,

Photograph of Nick Tecosky and Jason Mallory by Parker Davidson; photograph of Jamie Allen courtesy of True Story! This article originally appeared in our December 2012 issue.

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