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Our Place in the Universe: Tops for sexual satisfaction

Posted By: Rebecca Burns http://www.atlantamagazine.com · 7/1/2010 3:00:00 PM
The abatement of the drought has done more than green up the fescue in our front yards. Apparently wetter, warmer weather has gotten Atlantans frisky, putting our metropolis at the top of the list of “sexually satisfied” cities in a national survey released today, and helping us snag the No. 2 position in the frequency rankings, right behind Miami.

This data arrives courtesy of the Trojan condom company, which underwrote a national survey on the relationship between weather and sex. Here are a few excerpts from the “degrees of pleasure” report on the correlation between carnal activity and rising heat and humidity indices:

The survey links hot weather and precipitation to increased sexual frequency and satisfaction, finding 83 percent of Americans rate rain as the best weather condition for sexual intercourse, while respondents in hotter climates like Miami (102 times per year) and Atlanta (88 times per year) report higher rates of sexual activity….

Regional findings indicate hotter, wetter climates could also influence the duration of sexual activity. The survey finds Miamians have the most sex, about 102 times a year, while also averaging the longest periods of sexual activity at about 35 minutes per session. Colder cities like Minneapolis (64 times per year) and Seattle (75 times per year) report lower rates of sexual frequency, while Phoenix (25 minutes), Chicago and Denver (26 minutes) report the having the shortest durations of sex.

Still skeptical that sweat-inducing Atlanta summers are conducive to conjugal bliss? Consider that a full 58 percent of Atlantans rated their sex lives “extremely satisfying” compared to just 37 percent of the residents of, ahem, frigid Minneapolis.

Here’s how the cities in the survey stacked up when it came to being “extremely satisfied.” (The national average is 49 percent.)

Atlanta, Houston (tie)  58 percent
Miami  50 percent
New York  46 percent
Phoenix  45 percent
Denver  45 percent
Seattle  44 percent
Chicago  44 percent
San Francisco 42 percent
Minneapolis-St. Paul 37 percent

Other fun facts Atlantans reported to the sex statisticians: 67 percent are “always up for sex” no matter the weather, 72 percent have done the deed outside, and 38 percent have done so while it’s raining. Atlantans seem drawn to heat; they are more likely than residents of any other city to have had sex in front of a fireplace (65 percent compared to a national average of 50 percent).

The survey was conducted by the New York office of research firm Strategy One and commissioned by Trojan, which incidentally launched a new prophylactic branded Fire & Ice.