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Susan Puckett

Maybe we all believe our home turf is the most fascinating, unusual, complex place on earth. But Susan Puckett makes a compelling case that her beloved Mississippi Delta actually is. ... Read more

Q&A with Taylor Branch

Taylor Branch published Parting the Waters, the first volume in his definitive three-part history of the civil rights movement, in 1988. In the quarter-century since, virtually everything has changed about ... Read more

Top 10 Books of 2012

[TOP FIVE FICTION] Criminal by Karin Slaughter (Delacorte Press)Slaughter churns out bestselling crime novels with such frightening frequency, it’s easy to take for granted how talented she is.ONE ... Read more

Josh Russell

In his third novel, A True History of the Captivation, Transport to Strange Lands & Deliverance of Hannah Guttentag (Dzanc Books), Josh Russell puts a wry twist on a genre ... Read more

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