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Restaurant Reviews

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Five & Ten

Who is the most enterprising chef in Georgia? I say Hugh Acheson, whose career has proliferated faster than a zucchini patch over the last two years. In April 2011 Acheson, who’d opened Empire State South in Midtown eight months earlier, ... Read more

King + Duke

Buckhead is back, y'all, reveling in its first restaurant boomlet since the middle of last decade. And just like old times, each fresh-faced entrant quickly galvanizes a certain facet of the uptown community, spawning distinct social microclimates. At Kevin Rathbun’s ... Read more


After a bout of doldrums, when only a handful of exciting restaurants opened in each of the last few years, 2013 is fizzing with activity. And among the new crop, Gunshow stands out as one of the most promising, perplexing, ... Read more


The odd, angular bungalow on the southeastern corner of Edgewood Avenue and Waddell Street, on the fringe of Inman Park, has been a beacon of eccentricity for decades. Minus the back right corner that was carved out for a patio, ... Read more

KR Steakbar

Food trends ebb and flow, but Kevin Rathbun and his restaurants endure. In Atlanta, his very name supplanted the antiquated term "New American cooking." Taking a carte blanche approach to national and global flavors, Rathbun has forged a style of ... Read more

The General Muir

Last October, my best eating buddy passed away unexpectedly. I could count on Leon to stomach four barbecue joints during an afternoon research blitz, don a jacket and tie for dinner at Quinones at Bacchanalia, and debate the fine points ... Read more

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Preserving the Art of Pickling
“We can pickle that!” exclaim a duo during a skit on IFC’s trend-skewering hit Portlandia (which you can easily find on YouTube). The pair grab increasingly bizarre items—ordinary cucumbers and eggs, then a dropped ice cream cone, unwanted CD jewel cases, a broken high heel—and seal them all in jars, ... Read more