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Matthew Maloney

A SCAD dean shares his style


As associate dean of film and digital media at SCAD-Atlanta, Maloney must abide by the school’s famously strict dress code. But the D.C. native and stop-motion animator (that’s claymation to the rest of us) thinks you can wear a suit and still express yourself.

Dark Colors If I were a bronzed, blond-haired person, I would wear lighter colors, but being fair-skinned I like blacks and grays. There’s an elegance about it, but it’s also very masculine.

Skull Ring The skull is very appropriate for a professor. It’s distinctly human, a symbol of our ability to reason. And of course pirates and bikers as well.

Cowboy Boots I always admired the way Johnny Cash dressed. There was a distinct masculinity about it without being hamfisted. I steal a lot from him. All I own are black cowboy boots—snake and ostrich and calf.

On His Phobia of Shorts Women can wear shorts and look great, but they’re a humiliating thing to put on a man. We look like little kids at a wedding.

On SCAD’s Faculty Dress Code It sends the message to students that we’re all about freedom of expression, but at the end of the day you need to keep the electricity on and sustain a job and look employable.

Photograph by Alex Martinez