MGR Palace - October 2009 - Spice Routes - Southern India - Atlanta Magazine

MGR Palace


Chef/owner Nanjunda Ram cooked dosas at Madras Saravana Bhavan, and though MGR’s menu covers a wide swath of Southern and Northern nonmeat cooking, the dramatically huge crepes still pull the spotlight. The edges of Ram’s masala dosa—a classic version heaped in the center with lumpy, almost mashed potatoes laced with cumin seeds—crackle as you break off pieces, and the crepe has a piquancy that brings to mind sourdough bread. Each bite requires a decision: Where to dip? In the sambar (a dal soup complex with tamarind), in coconut chutney, or in gingery tomato chutney? Start by sampling one at a time; you’ll likely end up triple dipping.

1825 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, 770-413-1415