Vikhyat - October 2009 - Spice Routes - Western India - Atlanta Magazine



This is unorthodox advice, but ignore the regular menu at Vikhyat. At least a day before you plan to visit, log on to the restaurant’s website and find the page labeled “Gujarati Catering Menu.” Jackpot: It lists more than a dozen dishes whose availability impressed even my Gujarati-food-savvy Indian friends. Call and talk to owner Mahesh Patel to plan your meal. (His wife, Jyotsna, is the chef.) A recent feast that overfed four and cost less than $50 included undhiyu, a mélange of baby eggplants and other vegetables in tangy green curry; khandvi, thin bread made of besan (chickpea flour) and buttermilk that is rolled and scattered with cilantro; stir-fried tindora, an Indian fruit that looks and tastes like miniature cucumbers; karela, bitter melon sweetened and tossed with toasted cashews; and mohanthal, squares of cardamom-scented fudge. Among the many unassuming dining rooms in Atlanta’s Indian restaurants, Vikhyat’s is one of the most spartan, but the Gujarati specialties transform the atmosphere.

3900 Lavista Road, Tucker, 770-270-2204,