About Western Indian Cuisine - October 2009 - Spice Routes - Western India - Atlanta Magazine

About Western Indian Cuisine


Gujarat, India’s westernmost state, puts forth one of the strongest culinary showings in the Atlanta area. These four establishments that serve memorable Gujarati specialties are nothing like one another, which reflects the state’s profound diversity. Though more and more Indian Hindus embrace omnivorous eating habits in the twenty-first century, vegetarianism remains strong in Gujarat: Jainism, an ascetic religion that stipulates nonviolence, has
centuries-old roots there. (Gandhi, a native of Gujarat, based his political philosophy in part on Jain principles.) Gujarati dishes can be elegantly simple, though others possess a characteristic sweet-and-spicy flavor profile—evidence of the state’s long-established sugar trade. Meat-loving Gujarati Muslims bring an altogether different cast to the patchwork.