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Reality Check  
Atlanta: High-tech hub or startup striver? 

With it's Fortune 500 companies and successful startups, metro Atlanta is like "a shaken-up Champagne bottle, ready to explode," proclaimed AirWatch founder Alan Dabbiere, one of the area's most successful entrepreneurs, at last fall's Venture Atlanta gathering. If there's one thing Atlanta is good at, it's self-promotion. But before we start pouring the bubbly, it would be prudent to recall the commmon startup-world mantra: "Hope is not a strategy." Read More 

  • For starters: Mapping Atlanta's startup scene

    Like everything else here, the entrepreneurial culture is defined by sprawl

    One day last fall, aspiring entrepreneur Yoehzer Yeeftahk decided to check out Hypepotamus, the Midtown coworking space that touts its “connected awesomeness.” Read More
  • Atlanta’s corporate giants incubate their own startup centers

    The culture's no longer solely for entrepreneurs

    As if direct from a catalog for Startups ’R’ Us, a whiteboard covered with entrepreneurial hieroglyphics hangs in a conference room named after a dead guitarist. The walls are exposed brick and slick taupe. Fourteen Wi-Fi access points serve eleven people. There’s free Diet Coke in the communal kitchen. Read More
  • Expert advice for your career conundrums

    Questions answered in the counselor's corner

    Answers to questions about social media presence, money, coding, and entering the job market for the first time. Read More
  • Three resources for enriching your skill sets

    Tools to help you have a fresh start

    Want to upgrade your career but not go back to earn a new degree? Here are three resources for learning specific skills to help yourself get ahead. Read More

Startup Hot Spots

View Atlanta Startup Hot Spots in a larger map

Check out the locations of startups that have recently sprung up in Atlanta, plus a few comapnies that have recently relocated. (February 2014)

Pro tips

Win or lose, a startup will teach you something. Advice from Atlanta experts, including those from Scoutmob, Paper-Cut-Project, Whynatte, and more. Read More


Where the Jobs Will Be

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Career Upgrade

We consulted career experts and industry insiders to see how old-school jobs can translate into hotter fields or eventually segue into high-tech. Check out the chart.