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Olmsted opens for lunch at 1180 Peachtree

A new lunch-only restaurant, Olmsted, opened their doors this week in Symphony Tower, the 1180 Peachtree building at the corner of 14th Street. Olmsted aims to appeal to the Midtown business crowd, serving bistro fare in their sprawling 9,500 square foot dining room. With King and Spalding international law firm just upstairs and PriceWaterhouseCoopers a few blocks away, the place is clearly situated as a destination for suits.

This year's must-have sandwich is on the menu (a lobster roll with North Atlantic lobster) alongside decidedly upscale offerings like a veal Milanese salad with milk-fed veal with arugula, capers, lemon, and olive oil. Executive Chef Bernie McDonough hails from New England and was, most recently, the executive chef for Hotel Matilde in Mexico. The menu bears the influence of his Nothern roots - they'll even be offering a weekly clam chowder - but also touches on local regulars like deviled eggs and pimento cheese.

The name, Olmsted, refers to Frederick Law Olmsted, whose architectural prowess can be seen in the design of both Inman Park and Druid Hills, not to mention New York’s Central Park and Washington D.C.’s Capitol Ground.

Olmsted will only be open for lunch, Monday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. In the coming months, a sister restaurant called Article 14 (note the legal nod) will be opening for after work drinks. You can peruse the whole menu below.

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  1. SpaldingO posted on 09/18/2012 06:17 PM
    My name is Spalding Olmsted. Yes, my first name is Spalding and my last name is Olmsted. Frederick Law Olmsted was my cousin on my father's side and Spalding is a family name for the 1st woman to go west. Frederick Olmsted's architectural design capabilities exceeded many landscape designers to this day.

    Ironically, my father's brother, Aaron Olmsted, was also a landscape architect in charge of all the landscape design for LA County soon after Frederick Law designed Central Park. Aaron Olmsted came up with the conceptual guidelines on how landscape design could be used to enhance transportation arteries along with other areas of the county.

    When I received this article I was fascinated to see both of my names being used for a restaurant and a law firm in the same building. Coincidentally, my father , Joel Burleson Olmsted, was a Judge Advocate General (top defending lawyer) for the Air Force, served in the Pentagon helping to write the rules & regulations for the "new" Air Force (he was in the Army at that time) and was George Patton's Chief of Staff.

    Lastly, my first name, Spalding, is also a family name from my great, great, grandmother Eliza Spalding who was on the Oregon Trail and was one of the first women to cross the Great Plains in 1836 traveling west of the Mississippi to Fort Vancouver, settling in Oregon. Just like Frederick Law, books have been written about her and the family folklore is that the name for Spalding sporting goods came from her toughness and independence.

    With all of this heritage and first-hand knowledge of the history behind these two names, I hope you'll keep me informed of your progress and call on me if you need more info on my cousin Frederick Law Olmsted or even the Spaldings.
  2. MC Gangsta Rapper posted on 09/18/2012 11:48 PM
    My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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