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    Deputy Food Editor

    Evan Mah joined Atlanta magazine full time in November 2013 after a successful internship in summer 2012. Chinese by heritage but Southern at heart, he grew up in the chicken-frying, biscuit-baking kitchens of his parents’ restaurants in Mississippi. In 2009 he moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University, where he majored in journalism and sociology and served as editor in chief of the campus newspaper, The Emory Wheel. A lover of Bordeaux, breadbaskets, and afternoon naps, he’s positive he’s going to set the world record for youngest person ever to have gout.


High on the Vine: Whatever happened to Pinot Grigio?

It’s one of the most popular grapes in the world, but you rarely see it on wine lists

I know people drink Pinot Grigio because it’s one of the most popular varietals in the world and comes in jugs at the supermarket, but it’s been a long time since I last spotted a hearty selection of PG on a wine list. Sotto Sotto in Inman Park, for example, cellars the most Italian wine in Atlanta, and they’ve only got two. Slim pickings since Alto Adige in northeastern Italy is PG’s home. Bacchanalia, which has another extensive cellar, also only carries two. Bone’s, which has 20,000 bottles on hand, carries four. Read more...

High on the Vine: Blind tasting Trader Joe’s wine with Miller Union sommelier Neal McCarthy

McCarthy tried ten wines from Trader Joe’s, including Two Buck Chuck. What did he think?

Not everybody has an opinion on wine, but even those who confess to know little about the subject have something to say about bottles from Trader Joe’s. The pinnacle of Uncle TJ’s wine collection is Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw Blend), which rings in at $2.99. Read more...

High on the Vine: Where do you spend $12,487 on a single bottle of wine?

Inside one of the biggest wine collections in Atlanta

It takes a lot of guts to cellar wine, the costly process of laying down bottles, letting them age, and waiting years before selling them to customers. Few have the confidence (business can tank quickly). Few have the money (thousands of dollars just sitting on a shelf). Few will commit the space (a room full of bottles replaces a room full of paying customers).  Read more...

Cheesemonger Tim Gaddis to leave Star Provisions, heads to the farm

This Friday will be his last day in the shop

The monger is becoming the maker. Tim Gaddis, Star Provisions’ cheese oracle, is moving on to work for Many Fold Farm down in Palmetto, Georgia. This Friday will be his last day. Read more...

High on the Vine: The Chardonnay you want now

Jordan Smelt, Cakes & Ale’s beverage director, says it's time to embrace Chablis

“What wine do you like to drink?”

High on the Vine: 18 grueling hours with the Court of Master Sommeliers

Evan Mah sits for a two-day lecture and his level one exam

It’s 8:15 on a Tuesday morning, and I’m standing among 100 or so people swirling wine in a glass and holding a microphone in my other hand. Shoulders slouched back, eyes fighting to stay open, I mutter my best guess into the mic. “This wine is clear, bright, with a brick red core and a medium concentration. Medium plus viscosity.” Read more...

2014 James Beard Finalists announced

Five Atlanta names make the cut

Early this morning, the James Beard Foundation, known as the Oscars of food, announced its award finalists 2014. Five Atlanta names graced the list. Read more...

Atlanta City Council passes legislation allowing food trucks to vend on limited public property

Spaces, for now, limited to Downtown, Atlanta City Hall, and the Georgia State Capitol

In what is the first step to a major legal victory for Atlanta food trucks, Atlanta City Council passed an amendment Monday allowing vendors to operate on certain public streets around the city. That means that as soon as Mayor Kasim Reed signs the bill (or seven days from now when the bill becomes law immediately), you could be in line to buy tacos from a truck parked in a metered space. Previously, trucks could only obtain permits to vend on private property. Read more...

High on the Vine: Falling for Spain at Barcelona Wine Bar

Beverage director Katie Rice will show you the way

When Katie Rice, now the beverage director at Barcelona Wine Bar, moved from Ohio to Atlanta back in 2001, she barely landed her first job at Roswell’s Van Gogh, now VG Bistro. “One of the interview questions was to name four grape varietals,” she recounts. “Merlot? White Zinfindel? Literally, I knew nothing.” Read more...

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