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Barley + Rye: You should drink cocktails at the Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Beverage director Ian Cox on his competitive streak, vodka drinks, and fundraising Negronis for TGK

Up until pretty recently, The Wrecking Bar Brewpub did not make my mental checklist of Atlanta’s expanding craft cocktail scene. If you’re like me, then we’ve been collectively missing out. While a weekly rotating list of beers still takes center stage (love that smoky Son of a Beech Rauchbier), the seasonal cocktail menu holds its own court. If you’re like me, then you’ll have to request the menu, but once in hand, you’ll be glad you did. Read more...

Barley + Rye: Dry hop your own beer at Summits Wayside Tavern

Owner Andy Klubock invites guests to be the brewmaster

Andy Klubock, owner of Summits Wayside Tavern, tells me it has taken five years to get the right components together for Randall Thursdays, but the moment has finally arrived. Read more...

Barley + Rye: Making bitters with Melissa Hayes of LEON's

The former beverage director at Holeman & Finch offers classes at Preserving Place

If you’re familiar with the average craft cocktail menu, you’ve certainly seen the word “bitter” in a list of ingredients. Maybe you recognize popular brands like Angostura or Peychaud’s. You might even own some, following the recipe of your favorite drink. But do you really know what a bitter is? Or that you—you!—can make your very own? Read more...

SweetWater partners with Atlanta Braves, cans at Turner Field

Will debut April 8 at the Braves’ first home game

SweetWater has confirmed their new can line will be available at Turner Field, and the brewery is now the exclusive craft beer sponsor coming into the 2014 season. The cans will give the brewery more access to ticketholders throughout the ballpark, offering baseball fans an opportunity to enjoy 420 Pale Ale and IPA in 12-ounce and 16-ounce sizes. Read more...

Barley + Rye: At the bar with MailChimp content director Kate Kiefer Lee

The web writing guru talks corporate apologies, True Detective, and new book 'Nicely Said'

In her role as content director for MailChimp, the Atlanta-based email marketing giant that services millions of users worldwide, part of Kate Kiefer Lee’s job is to make things sound easy. Kiefer Lee is responsible for how MailChimp communicates across a range of content—social media, blog posts, help messages, and alerts. Kiefer Lee and her team embody the MailChimp voice, that relaxed, don’t-worry-you-totally-got-this identity that flashes across the screens of people trying to get their brand’s message out to the world. So a lot of their users are in various stages of stress. It’s good then, that Kiefer Lee is so easy-going and tends to see the upside. This is a woman who’s hard to dislike. Read more...

Barley + Rye: How much does the style of your beer glass matter?

Tips from Matt Christison of Kimball House and blogger Ale Sharpton

To pint or not to pint? If you count yourself as part of an increasingly educated craft beer market, you know the answer is this: Only sometimes. The taste, aroma, and overall experience of your beer can vary greatly depending on what vessel you use to drink it, and the default pint glass has been overrated for quite some time. Read more...

Barley + Rye: Frozen Pints launches Goose Island flavor, heads to Turner Field

Co-founder Aly Moler explains how craft beer and ice cream became her business

The story of how Frozen Pints came to be is so simple it’s almost hard to believe, but co-founder Aly Moler says it’s true: There was a house party, someone brought an ice cream machine, and during the festivities a bottle of brew tipped over. An idea—craft beer ice cream—was born. Really. Moler and Ari Fleischer, fellow co-founder and business partner, had just stumbled upon possibly the most amazing “oops” moment ever. By June 2012, Frozen Pints was on the market. Read more...

Barley + Rye: Starr Hill Brewery extends distribution to Georgia

The biggest craft brewery in Virginia comes to market

Starr Hill Brewery first launched in Charlottesville, Virginia, fifteen years ago, and after winning hearts and minds throughout the Mid-Atlantic, its beer is headed west with launch events starting next week through April. Read more...

Barley + Rye: At the bar with TCM programmer Millie De Chirico

The film buff talks streaming vs. cable, studying film with millennials, and Scandal

Ten years have passed since Millie De Chirico first started at Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Atlanta readers might know her as the Queen of TCM Underground, but at work she's the newly-promoted manager of programming, making viewers' classic dreams come true. The Georgia State grad who once DJ-ed at WRAS Album 88 has returned to her alma mater in pursuit of a masters in moving image studies, where she's boning up on the theoretical side of the movies we all love to watch. Read more...

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