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French breakfast radishes make better lunch treats

Pair them with buttered bread rather than a buttered croissant

It’s true that in France, cafe au lait and a croissant or baguette make up the morning meal. So where does the enigmatic name of the French breakfast radish originate? It dates back more than a century as a popular heirloom variety in Parisian markets, but how exactly the word breakfast became attached to its moniker remains a mystery. Read more...

Ponce City Market announces its first restaurants

Anne Quatrano and Linton Hopkins are in, among others; Jamestown's Michael Phillips hints at what's more to come

Ponce City Market has announced the first batch of vendors set to open in its Central Food Hall. Dub’s Fish Camp (Anne Quatrano), H&F Burger (Linton Hopkins), Jia, Honeysuckle Gelato, and Simply Seoul Kitchen (Hannah Chung and Grace Lee) will open in one of the largest brick structures in the Southeast. Openings will be staggered: Dub’s, H&F, Honeysuckle, and Simply Seoul are aiming for spring 2015 and Jia is aiming for winter 2014. Read more...

Hydroponic farming bypasses Mother Nature's fickle nature

Jeff Adams, owner of Circle A Lettuce, has mastered the art

Cold winter, hot summer; too much rain, too little. It hardly matters to Jeff Adams, owner of Circle A Lettuce. Each week year-round, he harvests about 3,000 heads of lettuce from his hydroponic greenhouse in Cumming. Read more...

Hunger Games: Girl Scout Edition

What does it take to sell 1,000 boxes of cookies in one month?

From cool Thin Mints to buttery Trefoils, Girl Scout cookies are a seasonal obsession, and every year, thousands of girls arrange rows of brightly-colored cookie boxes outside of grocery stores and local businesses. But underneath the sweet façade of smiling girls and delicious treats lies a fierce spirit of competition as girls command their own companies. Each sets her own goal, and those who sell the most are recognized or, in some cases, adorned. At one thousand boxes, she is officially a “top seller.” Read more...

By the ounce, the cost of cupcakes

A semi-scientific snapshot of six cupcakes from across the city

Abstract: Cupcakes: Can’t stop, won’t stop. But just when you think Atlanta might be sick of frosting, another Crayola-colored cupcake bakery opens it doors. A chain out of Beverly Hills, Sprinkles at Lenox Mall is the latest of the batch. On a recent visit I had hoped to grab a dozen for the office, but I burned those plans when the clerk said that a dozen costs $42. Between the ten or more employees shuffling behind the counter, the swirly mountain of icing on each cake, and the cupcake ATM machine that operates 24/7, running this place isn’t cheap. Somebody has to pay. Read more...

Atlanta Harvest hopes to create farms inside the perimeter

Looking to raise $12,000 by Feb. 14

Created by Georgia Tech alumnus Corbin Klett and Emory University alumnus Bethaney Herrington, Atlanta Harvest is an organization focused on increasing consumer access to local, organic produce in the metro Atlanta area. To support local agriculture and economy, they are raising money to build farms in impoverished neighborhoods inside the perimeter. Read more...

Mo' Mint & Thyme offers a fresh take on cocktails

All ages enjoy Byrma Braham's homemade mixes

Byrma Braham discovered the mojito—with its rush of mint and lime and its sunny taste of rum—during a trip to Cuba nearly twenty years ago. She began to perfect her own version, growing just the right kind of spearmint and serving her handiwork during parties at her now-closed Avisca Fine Art, a Marietta gallery. Read more...

Upgrade your pantry with classy condiments

All-natural ketchup and soy sauce made in bourbon barrels

Atlantans value their fair trade coffee, locally-sourced produce, and free range animals, so why can’t we show that same love to our condiments? Read more...

Annual fruit tree sale set for Jan. 25

Take Homestead ATL's fruit tree class, then buy an orchard next week

January isn’t the season for figs, berries, or even apples, but gardeners know that this is just the time to get those fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in the ground. That’s why you’ll find Atlanta’s BIG fruit tree event, aka the Incredible, Edible Grow-it-Yourself Fruit Tree, Vine & Berry Bush Sale, perfectly timed for Jan. 25. Read more...

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