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Taking sides: five Atlanta chefs on Georgia v. North Carolina trout

Look for seasonal renditions of local trout on Atlanta menus

Atlanta’s distance from the sea sends local chefs to the farm-raising waterways of North Georgia and North Carolina in search of sustainable seafood. Sunburst, Bramlett, and Enchanted Springs are just some of the suppliers you’ll see on Atlanta menus. We caught up with five chefs to find out whose side they’re on when it comes to sourcing trout from southern streams. 


Muscadines: The South's most popular indigenous grape

These earthy fruits can be used for late summer wines and jellys

Muscadines, the South’s most popular indigenous grape, appear pervasively at farmers markets and in grocery stores through late summer and into fall. Similar in taste to common table grapes but with an earthier undertone, muscadines are seeded and have thick skins that soften appealingly when cooked. Read more...

Could beef soon become as expensive as lobster?

Amid record-high beef prices, farmers see fundamental shift in industry

For Stuart Baesel, beef isn’t just what’s for dinner. It’s his livelihood. As an owner of one of Atlanta’s favorite local barbecue joints, Community Q BBQ, Baesel relies on a consistent supply of beef to run his business. But in recent months, he’s had to raise his prices—something he hasn’t done in four years—in response to the soaring price of beef. Read more...

The roof-to-table movement at Manuel's Tavern

A tour of the iconic bar's rooftop chicken coop

The rooftop chicken coop, a luxurious 550 square feet, went into operation in early 2014. Maloof and the tavern are certified by the state agriculture department to serve the organic eggs in the restaurant. Read more...

Updates, renderings for Staplehouse, Gu's Dumplings, Little Tart Bakeshop

Openings are on the horizon

Setbacks and delays are a common theme in the restaurant industry. The winding permitting process, construction mishaps, and other unforeseen circumstances often push back the opening day for months. We checked in with four local restaurants—Staplehouse, the Cockentrice, the Little Tart Bakeshop, Gu’s Dumplings—for an update on their progress. Read more...

10 peach dishes you need to try now

Local restaurants dish up the state fruit in desserts, cocktails, and savory dishes

Given that our ubiquitous state fruit has made its way onto our license plates and street signs on practically every corner, it should come as no surprise that local chefs are also tinkering with the Georgia peach in a number of creative ways. Read more...

Xocolatl to make single-origin, dual-ingredient chocolate

From bean to bar in Krog Street Market

Matt Weyandt and Elaine Read always had traditional jobs. He worked on political campaigns, while she focused on international aid with the Peace Corps. In 2012, they packed up their two children—ages one and four—and moved to Costa Rica for a change of scenery and the chance for adventure. There, the husband-and-wife team met cacao growers and gradually learned how to grind the beans into chocolate. They decided to bring this pure, unadulterated, single-origin, two-ingredient delicacy back home to Atlanta. And Xocolatl was born. Read more...

Urban farmers now opting to rent, not buy, land

The movement is creating a new generation of landless farmers

Even those with little to no agricultural know-how might assume, and reasonably so, that to be a farmer, you have to own land. Turns out, that’s not the case. Read more...

This month's farmer's market find: blackberries

Mix the antioxidant-loaded fruit in ice cream, cobblers, or smoothies

Blackberries are about as common at markets this time of year as they are along roadsides, though the big, juicy berries that farmers grow are far more tempting. While many farmers maintain only a row of brambles, Ronnie Mathis of Mountain Earth Farms in Clarkesville has set aside an entire acre. Read more...

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