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So, the Falcons get a new stadium. What’s in it for us?

A new stadium! Georgia Dome 3.0: the thinnest, lightest, fastest arena ever! With a retractable roof! At a cost of a mere billion, $300 million of which would come from ... Read more

Here Comes Herman Cain

You’re welcome, America. Herman Cain was our contribution to the coast-to-coast reality show that was Survivor: GOP Primary. For a few weeks in late 2011, the plain-talking pizza baron—whose proposed ... Read more

Bye-Bye, Neal Boortz

When Neal Boortz retires from WSB radio this month after forty-three years of hosting a raucous, rancorous, and utterly compelling right-wing talk show speckled with flakes of libertarianism, he will ... Read more

What's Next for HOPE?

The HOPE scholarship—launched in 1993 and funded by the Georgia Lottery—marks its twentieth anniversary with growing pains and uncertainty. The program is credited with boosting enrollment and academic rigor at ... Read more

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  4. Bye-Bye, Neal Boortz

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  5. Bye-Bye, Neal Boortz

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