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Sheep Cheese

Atlantans Rebecca and Ross Williams launched Many Fold Farm in South Fulton’s Chattahoochee Hills in 2009, and a year later they began selling eggs, lamb meat, and blueberries at local farmers markets. But it wasn’t ... Read more

Eggplant Craze

Eggplants are hot in the produce world. The bready fruits—whose skins may vary from white to purple-black, though the interiors of all common varieties are uniformly cream-colored—seem to grow in popularity every summer. From 2009 ... Read more

Heirloom Watermelons

Several generations ago, the watermelon you devoured on a summer day may have looked and tasted nothing like the melons grown just a county or two away. The local pride may have been round or ... Read more

S&J’s Woodfired Pizza

Not everyone who becomes a beloved fixture at local farmers markets sells blueberries and sweet potato greens. Jonathan Seyfred and his wife, Sarah—who run S&J’s Woodfired Pizza—pull up weekly to four markets (Dunwoody, East Atlanta, ... Read more

Blueberry Haven

Arrive at Hard Labor Creek Blueberry Farm in Social Circle at dawn to avoid the crowds and the heat. Wind down a long drive, past the garage and a giant fig tree. Tie a bucket ... Read more

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  1. Dreaming Cow Yogurt

    eileen ambrose said "I tasted Dreaming Cow yogurt when visiting my son & daughter-in-law in Sarasota, Fla. last week.
    This is the most amazing and wonderful..."
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  2. Sheep Cheese

    Tim said "Rebecca and Ross are awesome people. Can't wait until they get some aged sheep cheeses on the market!

    Read more
  3. Sheep Cheese

    Kristine said "Excellent article. I will check out Many Fold Farm. You should check out Sweetgrass Dairy in south Georgia. The ..." Read more
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