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Dreaming Cow Yogurt

Kyle Wehner's dream yogurt


It troubles Kyle Wehner that much of the milk from his family’s South Georgia farms, which comes from grass-fed cows, is sold to a co-op—a drop in the anonymous commodity milk bucket. His sister, Jessica, and brother-in-law, Jeremy, use some of it for their renowned Sweet Grass Dairy cheeses, but they can only sell so many wheels of Asher Blue or Thomasville Tomme. “There was always potential to do something more with it,” says Kyle, the youngest son of Sweet Grass founders Al and Desiree Wehner. After high school, he went to New Zealand to study the rotational grazing methods adopted by his parents. He came back in 2009 with a Kiwi wife and a plan for a yogurt factory.

“We hadn’t even seen our processing equipment, but we had it all laid out and designed,” says Janelle Wehner, who studied food technology at the university where she and Kyle met. They produced their first batch of “New Zealand–style” Dreaming Cow yogurt in November 2009. Kyle and Janelle pack it themselves, then incubate each batch twelve hours.

Their yogurt features a cream top and no refined sugars or stabilizers. Janelle developed the subtle flavors: honey pear, vanilla agave, strawberry pomegranate. Her best is maple ginger, which balances ginger root’s heat with a touch of organic maple syrup. Nonfat varieties and new flavors are in the works. Bottled milk and butter may be in the offing, too. The yogurt is sold at metro-area Whole Foods, Candler Park Market, and Rainbow Natural Foods in Decatur. dreamingcow.com

Photograph by Caroline Kilgore

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  1. Jackson Reeves posted on 06/09/2011 10:49 AM
    I need more yogurt in my life. Must. Get. Healthy.
    1. Catherine Happe posted on 06/09/2011 12:05 PM
      @Jackson Reeves Agreed. And the maple ginger sounds so good!
  2. Crissinda Ponder posted on 06/23/2011 10:28 AM
    Dreaming Cow sounds very tasty. I would love to dip my spoon in the vanilla agave flavored yogurt.
  3. eileen ambrose posted on 05/15/2013 08:04 PM
    I tasted Dreaming Cow yogurt when visiting my son & daughter-in-law in Sarasota, Fla. last week.
    This is the most amazing and wonderful product I've ever tasted! My nearest Whole Foods is approximately 40 miles away. How can I possibly purchase this yogurt? I had the honey pear, expecting it to be grossly sweet -- but it was the most delicious, understated and natural tasting product I've ever had. And I loved the natural cream top. You have ruind me for anything else.
    How can I purchase this?
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