Digital ad specs

Please email ads or any questions to For large files over 5 mb, please email a link to download the files from a file-sharing site (Dropbox, etc.). Deadlines are generally one week before campaign launch. Contact your account representative if you need extra time to submit assets.

Display ads
900×90: max 50 kb
728×90: max 50 kb
468×60: max 10 kb
300×600: max 50 kb
300×250: max 50 kb
320×50: max 50 kb
72 dpi
Target URL
File types accepted: .jpg, .gif, third-party tags, DoubleClick redirect tags, HTML5

Email newsletter ads
72 dpi
Max 50 kb
.jpg or .gif
Target URL
The A List example
Food & Drink example
HOME example
LiveFitATL example
Destinations example

Email blast
Single image file saved as .jpg or .gif, or HTML code (we cannot support CSS)
72 dpi
Max 200 kb
Total creative no wider than 600 pixels (no limit on height; average 500-1,200 pixels)
Two subject lines for A/B testing
Target URL
Example 1
Example 2

Sponsored content
Article saved as .doc or .txt file
No restrictions on word count, although we recommend no more than 1,000 words
Suggested headline (may be edited to maximize SEO)
Any links or video embeds to be included in the article
800×500, 72 dpi .jpg to be used as header image (no text on image)
Any other images to be included in the article

Facebook post
Link to your Facebook page (so we can tag you correctly)
Suggested maximum 25 words of copy
Maximum 1 hashtag
Maximum 1 link (we cannot edit the headline or description for the link)
Required media: image (with no text), video, or link
Required #sponsored mention

Twitter post
Maximum 269 characters (we must add #sponsored text)
Maximum 2 hashtags
Maximum 1 @mention
Maximum 1 link
Option to include photo or video

Instagram post
Suggested maximum 25 words of copy
Maximum 2 hashtags
Maximum 1 @mention
Required #sponsored mention
Photo(s) or maximum :60 video (no text on image; video must have one frame with no text for thumbnail purposes)

Please complete this form.

Destinations newsletter listing
We send the travel e-newsletter on the third Thursday of every month. We recommend you share an event or special offer that applies to the next month or beyond (e.g. promote a March/April event in our February newsletter). Please complete this form. We may edit your listing when necessary for clarity/style. Click here for an example newsletter.

File format: .mp4 (please submit via Dropbox/file-sharing link)
Video codec: H.264
Frame size: 1280×720
Frame rate: native
Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 (square pixels)
Scan: progressive
Video stream bitrate: ~7000 kbps
Audio codec: aac
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Channels: stereo
Sampling rate: 48khz