Stop by Harold’s, check out the Atlanta Streetcar progress

The first ‘Streetcar Social’ takes place Thursday, April 11

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As we’ve observed, while the Atlanta Streetcar offers huge future potential for shops and restaurants in the Edgewood/Auburn Ave. corridor, at the present, it’s creating, if not nightmares, certainly a less-than-dreamy business environment.

Utility construction, traffic detours, and obstructed parking spots make it harder than ever for businesses in an already challenging corner of town.

So it’s a step in the right direction that Central Atlanta Progress is launching a series of “Streetcar Socials,” inviting folks to get to know spots on the future trolley line.

First up: Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar. You can stop by for free snacks and drinks between 5:30 and 7 p.m. this Thursday (April 11). If you do so, why not stay (and pay for) dinner? I’m a fan of the chicken slathered with hot sauce, but the perch is plenty tasty, too.

To RSVP for the social: click here

For the latest on the streetcar construction: click here

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