Changes at Irwin Street Market—including a new restaurant

JDR Delishery to open, Hilda’s and Picnic share space, and a Beltline-facing patio in the works


Big changes are in the works at the Irwin Street Market. According to Jake Rothschild, founder of Jake’s Ice Cream, Picnic! has moved and now shares space with Hilda’s, forming a larger dining room with table service for the entire market. The actual market is expanding into the Funky Monkey space and adding a tasting room where customers can sample the goods being sold, from jams to mustards to pestos. A new bakery, coffee shop and tearoom called JDR Delishery has taken over the old Picnic space and serves house-made bagels, pies, macaroons, truffles and more.

Jake’s Ice Cream will remain in its current location but is undergoing renovations with the intention of creating a more retro, 1940s ice cream parlor look. In addition, an atrium-like patio with a European feel will open in the next month and face the Beltline. It will feature antique windows, a mid-century fireplace, an Italian stone deck, and tables with umbrellas, and seat 60 people.

“Our whole business changed the day the Beltline opened,” says Rothschild, who is also behind JDR Delishery. “It’s now the center of our operation.”

Rothschild says the planned changes will make the Irwin Street Market a bit more upscale to better fit the evolving area.

As for JDR Delishery, it has already begun serving its Liliputian pies, about the size of a typical slice. Flavors include sweet potato-pecan, apple, cherry, blueberry, and pumpkin.

And though the bakery is not even officially open—that will happen April 15, with the grand opening planned for the beginning of May—JDR Delishery’s bagels have already won an award! The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum gave JDR’s Caesar bagel its Great Bagel Award in the 2013 Battle of the Bagel. Other flavors include brie and fig, sea salt, chocolate, poppy, sesame, and everything. JDR also offers schpreads (a play on schmears) such as smoked fish, apricot, and honey butter. Its bagels, which are New York-style with the dough boiled first, are designed to be a bit smaller than those at Goldberg’s Bagel & Deli, since people are more health-conscious these days, Rothschild says. They can be purchased to go or ordered as sandwiches at Hilda’s.

JDR is roasting its own coffee using beans from Sweet Selma Farms in College Park. It serves cappuccinos, lattes, and more. Loose-leaf teas, including that made with locally grown mint, are also available. Next up for JDR, which is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week and 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. on weekends, are doughnuts. Rothschild’s business partner Sandy Houdeshell previously worked for Dunkin’ Donuts and will be using her experience to create a line of the sugary treats for JDR.

At the same time, Jake’s Ice Cream will begin focusing more on milkshakes and floats and promoting Joyscream, a nondairy treat made with almond milk, coconut, plantains and avocado. Rumor has it a Belgian waffle ice cream sandwich is in the works, too.

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  • Denise Rustan

    Too bad Jake doesnt’ follow the law in hiring folks…never fills out paper work, never pays them for work they have done, has them move heavy equipment without paying workers comp…..

  • Judi Knight

    Too bad Jake has never applied for permits for his building or buildouts. Too bad he does not realize their are noise ordinances and he cannot just put a patio on the back of his building and too bad he never tells people who rent from him that there are rules since he does not follow them.

    • Judi Knight

      As it turns out the noise and permitting issues were not from Jake or his business, the Irwin Street Market but instead are from the buildings which are next to his which are not owned by Jake. The other landlord is the one that rents to people who he knows want to use them as event space with live music and late outdoor parties.

      I have a bed and breakfast on Krog Street and in the past year have had a lot of noise problems from my neighbors on the other side of the Beltline from me.

      I was concerned to hear about Irwin Markets plans for a patio because of my previous issues. But, I have to apologize to Jake since I have found out that he was not the person that owns or rents to the other buildings without the proper permits.

      So sorry Jake, your, Irwin Street Market has been a good neighbor to ours and the Bell Street Burritos is a favorite of mine and our guests. I should have had my facts straight before I wrote.

      • Jake Rothschild

        You have made yourself a new friend, Judi, and an even better neighbor by setting the record straight. Thank you for clearing my name here and for doing the right and honorable thing. We all make mistakes and would that all such issues be resolved with so much class and future-building goodwill.

  • Jake

    And as for the comment from Denise Rustan (are you real and out there)? I checked Google and Facebook to see if you are a real person or someone using a fake name and email address. You have all the characteristics of a phantom ex-employee who was fired for striking another employee. What YOU said was also patently false and if our attorney finds you, you will have some serious explaining to do in a court of law. Our employees are our treasures…our greatest assets, we maintain strict and steady workman’s compensation and we NEVER ask anyone to do anything that we would not also do ourselves. Govern yourself accordingly, Ms. Rustan or whomever you are.