Cirque to take over former Piebar space

Owner of Daiquiri Factory to focus on seafood and daiquiris


The iconic, round, spaceship-like building off Monroe Drive and visible from I-85 is about to open its doors again. Formerly home to a handful of short-lived concepts like Eros Tapas Bar, IXTLAN Ultra Lounge, and Piebar, the building is set to become a seafood and daiquiri spot called Cirque in February 2014 (at the soonest).

Kechia Matadin, proprietor of the Daiquiri Factory in Midtown, took over the space in late 2012 and says that the restaurant will be an extension of her Daiquiri Factory with a bigger focus on fish and a more upscale atmosphere.

“I always admired the building,” Matadin says. “Having grown up in Savannah where everything is seafood-based, and having owned daiquiri bars, I thought I’d bring a similar concept here.”

She describes the menu as “typical bar food but on the seafood side.” Offerings may include mahi-mahi, tilapia, catfish, shrimp, snow crab, and crab cakes. Most items will be available either grilled or fried, and a few vegetarian options will be available.

Serving lunch and dinner, Cirque will have a bar with 15 daiquiri machines, and will stay open to 2:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 1 a.m. most other nights.

In the year that Matadin has been working on the concept, the building has gone through a series of renovations, including moving the kitchen downstairs and the bar from the center to the side, to create a more open feel. The frosted window tint has been removed, but the patio awnings remain.

As for décor, Cirque will have dark wood floors and tables, gray padded chairs, and a purple-gray-and-gold color scheme, reminiscent of New Orleans.

“I used to go to [Mardi Gras bar] Fat Tuesday in college and always enjoyed the daiquiris,” Matadin says. “It always had a great crowd.”

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  • West Peachtree Street Regular

    The Daiquiri Factory Midtown at West Peachtree & 7th Street has friendly staff, cool vibe and solid drinks. Lots of specials, too, listed on the Facebook page.

    Here’s the correct link;

  • Buster

    Glad Piebar went bust. They had little snots as staff. Went there during the day with my family and young child. Asked if there was a children’s menu, and was rudely told NO! by the bitchy hostess. Looked at the menu and was underwhelmed by the cutsey-wootsey selection. Left.

    I hope the new venture is successful and will be friendly to all patrons. My only regret is that I did not submit reviews when Piebar went was open, so that the owners could have seen that they were complete a-holes.

    • GBH

      @Buster – looks like they scarred you pretty bad, to carry a grudge for that long… Obviously, they got what you wished for them. Move on, enjoy life and be constructive in “real time” rather than beat a horse that is no longer alive…

  • anthony

    I also remember the pie bar as well. GReat lcoationa nd unique space..Im glad to see a younglady of kechia’s vision to continue hear success ,experience and bring alittle New Orleans Vibe to Atlanta..A great new addition to becoming one of the hottest spots in Atlanta:):)You go Girl:))I’m excited…