Paul Luna Launches Food Delivery Service for Inner City

The latest venture from the Lunacy Black Market owner and mayoral candidate


Lunacy Black Market owner, chef and mayoral candidate Paul Luna has launched a food delivery service primarily focused on Southwest Atlanta. Though the business is for profit, Luna says his goal is to provide low-income families in the inner city a chance to eat healthier food while saving money and increasing the time they have available for work, creativity, and leisure.

Meals—which include chicken and rice with curry sauce or beef and potatoes with collard greens—are priced to fit the individual’s budget. So, what costs $25 or $50 a week (based on a $125 budget) for one person might cost a lot more for someone with deeper pockets, Luna explains.

He says he plans to go door-to-door handing out fliers, as well as advertise on his website. He wants to have kiosks around the city where those without a computer can place an order, and he hopes the service can include delivery to children in schools. Delivery is free, and meals can also be picked up from Lunacy Black Market downtown.

There’s no set menu for the food delivery service, but Luna says people can order almost anything they want, within reason. He says meals will include a protein, vegetable, starch, and possibly fruit.

When asked why he thinks people will order from him, rather than spend their paycheck at McDonald’s or Publix, Luna says, “I can’t help nobody who’s not willing to help themselves.”

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  • Michael

    So, he wants to serve children in schools but he doesn’t allow them in his restaurant any more? Shame, my daughter used to love his restaurant’s funky vibe and the Sunday night pasta/risotto special…

  • Buster

    Hey Chef Luna, let us know how that silly business model works out for ya!

  • LWW

    Another idiotic idea from a complete moron. This guy is such a joke. Wish he would leave Atlanta and never come back. Hey Paul, you’re a joke and your food is awful. Are you going to accept EBT cards? Haaaa haaaaa haaa!!!!!