Poncey-Highland’s FLIP Burger to open this Sunday

Former HD1 spot now features rooftop patio


Here’s to more liquid-nitrogen milkshakes from Top Chef’s Richard Blais.

FLIP Burger Boutique will soft-launch its fourth location this Sunday in Atlanta’s Poncey-Highlands. The spot originally housed HD1, an upscale, hot dog (haute dog?) joint that never quite took off. Diners can expect the same menu and red-and-white spaceship interior found in other FLIP Burger locations (two in Atlanta, one in Birmingham).

Not all of HD1 will be entirely lost: the menu will include signature HD1 dogs such as Red Haute, Frank, Merguez, Garden Chili Hot Dogs, and Corn Dog Bites.

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  • Glenn

    I always wanted to try HD1, but couldn’t justify the 40 minute one way drive from my OTP home for a hot dog. A great burger, however, makes it very easy to justify. Richard/FLIP make a burger worth the trip, and I have made that trek to to Howell Mill many times, and may try the Poncey Highlands location for a change of pace.