Shaun’s Restaurant to close December 18


James Oxendine passed along this news just now: Shaun Doty’s Inman Park restaurant is closing. I’m bummed: We were planning to name Shaun’s as Best Brunch in our upcoming Best Of issue. Eat there on a Sunday morning before mid-December to see why. Here’s hoping Doty puts chopped liver and duck fat fries on Yeah! Burger’s menu. The official press release from Melissa Libby’s office is below:
Oct. 20, 2010 – Shaun Doty announced today that he is closing his four-year-old Shaun’s Restaurant after dinner on Sunday, Dec. 18. Doty plans to concentrate his time on the Yeah! Burger restaurants he and partner Erik Maier have opened in Atlanta .
“This was a hard decision in many ways,” Doty said. “But I believe it is better to focus my energy right now.”
“Yeah! Burger really speaks to my passion at this point in my life,” said Doty, the father of two sons, 7 and 11 months. “I like that it’s a place I can take my family and feel good about eating there. It has taken all the principles of the food at Shaun’s – fresh, quality ingredients purchased from people I know – and made it affordable,” he added.
Shaun’s will remain open with regular hours until the closing date. Doty does not rule out starting another fine dining restaurant or re-opening in the future.
(Photo credit: Benay Krissel for Tribal Chicken Designs Inc.)

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  • Matt

    Booo! I’m a much bigger fan of Shaun’s than Yeah! Burger.

  • Kash

    In the Halloween spirit…..BOO!!!

  • AtlFoodSceneStinks

    It’s shocking that Shaun Doty wouldn’t stay in one restaurant for very long. Sarcasm, yeah. And what’s with this stupid burger craze? Sad. What’s the next trend every decent chef in Atlanta will jump on next?

  • MouthoftheSouth

    Boo again. Atlatnta needs Shaun’s more than it needs Yeah. I assume he figured out it is more profitable to open a new restaurant than it is to keep one open.

  • john s

    Sean is full of himself, and also full of crap. Yeah burger is hardly “affordable”! I paid $15 for a mediocre burger fries and a coke there. My friend added some toppings and hers was over $20!! And we could have had a better burger anywhere else in town.

  • Ben

    Surprised it’s still open, maybe time to get new PR because no one even hears about them anymore.

  • Cynic

    Gotta say, I’ve been to Shaun’s for brunch several times. Service was bad, food was OK, restaurant was overrun with loud kids. A loss to the Atlanta restaurant scene, but I’m excited to see what will take its place.

  • koko

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to put all of his eggs in the Yeah! Burger basket. Yes, it’s a great place, but there are so many good burger joints that have opened in the past couple of years. It’s a big trend right now, but it won’t last. I think most of them will end up closing their doors once this burger thing dies.

  • Blake

    Quick judgements from a lot of people who don’t seem to know what Shaun is and was trying to do with both concepts by bringing local, good ingredients to to dining and supporting local growers. Sad to see the namesake go. Excited to see how Yeah! grows…

  • Gene Kansas

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! And, this after we just posted a blog raving about both Inman Park and Shuan’s…

    …gonna miss it!

  • smile


  • WTF

    So let me get this straight–we are closing a great restaurant (with waiters and tablecloths!) in favor of a stand-in-line eatery of something I can very decently cook on the grill myself? Best of luck to you, Shaun!

  • server

    Most people don’t know what it takes to run a business like his on a day to day basis…. It’s hard even when the economy is great— Give him a break– I do this on a day to day basis myself and most weeks are back breaking— y’all make reservations and don’t show up but are gonna bitch when a place can’t hang– fickle is what Atlanta is– and never happy with any one really….

  • Inman Neighbor

    For the past 2nd half of Shauns Restarants life the service, food and atmosphere has been mediocre at best. After our most recent last three experiences there we finally mad the decision never to go back. Maybe he is being right-minded in just trying to focus his efforts and being honest with himself that he just can’t handle more than one location (like only a few restauranteurs have been able to in town, ie, rathbun, hopkins, amick, star provisions, etc). I give him credit for at least admitting to his fault and letting it go. I am very interested to see where Yeah! Burger goes/grows and how it will manage as the burger trend (inevitably) fades away. Good luck Shaun!

  • Andre

    Heartbroken to hear this news. Best of luck to Shaun with the burger joint.

  • BurgerAddict

    Wow, it always amazes me to see just how many hateful people call Atlanta home…Shaun’s DEFINITELY deserves the “Best Brunch nod – hands down the best in the city IMO. And for Shaun hoping on the burger trend, he was one the first fine dining chefs in ATL to put an upscale burger on his menu, and his fries are consistently voted best in the city. Yeah! Burger will last because the place has heart – from the organic ingredients to the design, it works. FLIP on the other hand is the epitome of trendy. Good luck Shaun!

  • BurgerAddict

    Oh, and burgers aren’t going anywhere folks…burgers, pizza and Mexican have been the most popular foods in America for a long time.

  • BurgerandBrew

    You’re right. Burgers aren’t going anywhere. I love them just as much as anyone. However, every eatery cannot be a burger joint.

  • Real Talk

    I have been a Shaun Doty fan for yrs and has gotten a chance to know him personally. He is a great guy and very passionate about his craft. People will have something to say no matter what you do. If he opens 20 burger places and decides to open a fine dinning restaurant ppl will have some to say and the cowards come on a open forum to hide behide and hate on a great man. Some may have never visited neither place. Good luck Shaun Doty and continue on. Yeah!Burger must be doing something rigth because there is always a line out the door.

  • Randall Fox

    BOOOOO,,is right,,,I love that place.
    But,, HEY.. I’m a even bigger fan of YEAH Burger… so I look at it as trading one good thing for another.

  • V

    So I hear someone posted about the real shaun doty yesterday how he is full of himself…treats his staff like trash, and could care less about anyone but himself…the idots that actually work for him and take that crap on the daily REALLY THERE ARE 100s OF OTHER PLACE TO WORK YOU DONT HAVE TO TAKE THAT CRAP…and dont get me started on that creepy Erik guy from yeahburger

  • Andrew F

    I’ve known Shaun since MidCity opened, and have consistently been a loyal customer. In that time I have had the chance to become a personal friend, and I’m going to miss Shauns (best schnitzel in the country, hands down). Shaun has always been a gracious host, and he made my 30th Bday party at Table 1280 incredibly special for my friends and family (who flew in from across the country). The most impressive thing about Shaun is that he is at his restaurant every single night cooking. This shows his passion and love for food and his loyal clientele. I’d love to see certain other chefs in Atlanta do that.

  • vogelbird

    In reading every single comment before mine, I am delighted and dismayed. We are absolutely remiss to think Atlanta will be the same without Shaun’s Restaurant in Inman Park. Wake up, Atlanta. As a result of Shaun’s education and experience in addition to his conscience as a parent and individual, Shaun is one of the pioneers of the concept of sustainability and farm-to-table concept. His attempt to offer the best is only to embrace you – the customer – as a personal member of his family…to only offer and feed you what he would provide to his family firsthand. Regarding his endeavors as a restaurant owner, how many people out there can claim dedication of that many hours to any one thing…period? Hush and silence is what I hear amongst all those nay-sayers… Nevermind, because naysayers are naysayers about everything anyway…after all, we all have friends like that. As a believer, always count on great things…build it and they will come.