Whatever happened to Soylent?

Soylent v1.0 is now shipping across America


Not into food but still need the nutrients? Rob Rhinehart has got you covered.

One year ago, the computer-scientist-and-engineer-turned-mad-scientist released Soylent, a powdered food alternative that would provide nearly optimal servings of recommended vitamins and nutrients. “Food is a hassle, especially when trying to eat well,” he wrote on his website.

So, Rhinehart set out to create, basically, the ultimate protein shake, raising millions in funding in the process. In the early phases, test subjects noted a “chalky flavor” and “suspect appearance.” Well, as of last week, you can now order the new and improved Soylent v1.0. Starter kits include a pitcher and specialized measuring cup. The chalkiness has supposedly been replaced with a smooth consistency resembling a malted milkshake. More information on “freeing your body” can be found on Soylent’s blog, and if an eternal diet of malted nutrition shakes sounds pleasant, orders can be made here.

For those who don’t remember, journalist and unknowing lab rat Shane Snow put his body to the test last year for a culinary journey through two weeks of nothing but Soylent. Once he got over initial irritations from his history of acid reflux and general separation anxiety from actual food, Snow cited an increased attention span and productivity throughout the day. He also provided data showing healthy weight loss, lower cholesterol, and higher energy levels.

Bon appetit!

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  • Fiberone

    This guy is so wet behind the ears, he needs to get out of the lab and get some sun. Why would anyone want to be tied to synthetic drinks and then get cramps if you go back to fibered food that need microbes. The body is much more complex than an engine that has no solid waste. And then it may be the perfect food for those that prefer a clean colon. Pass me my steak and potatoes.

    • HasFiber

      Soylent has more fiber, both soluble and insoluble, than the average diet.

  • Trixyfox

    For those of us that suffer from terrible food allergies, this sounds like a miracle. Not being able to eat gluten and dairy is painful enough, but getting sick every time something is cross contaminated is a down right nightmare. I’ve ordered mine after double checking the ingredients. If it’s palatable then I really hope I never have to eat food again. I’m sick and tiered of being sick and tired.