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  • Evan Mah

    Deputy Food Editor

    Evan Mah joined Atlanta magazine full time in November 2013 after a successful internship in summer 2012. Chinese by heritage but Southern at heart, he grew up in the chicken-frying, biscuit-baking kitchens of his parents’ restaurants in Mississippi. In 2009 he moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University, where he majored in journalism and sociology and served as editor in chief of the campus newspaper, The Emory Wheel. A lover of Bordeaux, breadbaskets, and afternoon naps, he’s positive he’s going to set the world record for youngest person ever to have gout.


Bowling gets fancy at Buckhead's Painted Pin

Hit the lanes with craft cocktails and wood-fired pizzas

Broad appeal is what we’ve come to expect in the last decade and a half from Concentrics Restaurants, the minds behind One Midtown Kitchen, Two Urban Licks, and the Spence, among others. The group’s founder, Bob Amick, has proven that even in a fickle business, he can draw in crowds and keep them coming. But does success run in the family? It would appear so. Read more...

Chamblee's Chinatown Mall captures China's culinary diversity

Fifteen dishes to try at Atlanta's own Little China

If you know the Atlanta Chinatown Mall at all, likely it’s as the shopping center that’s home to dim sum mainstay Oriental Pearl. But the mall’s origins actually date back to 1988, when it opened as a cultural center to serve the area’s growing Chinese American population. Read more...

Your Guide to the Atlanta Food Truck Scene

Is Atlanta a food truck city? We’re getting there.

Think of food truck cultures, and cities like Portland and Austin and Los Angeles come to mind. Not Atlanta. But six years since people like Greg Smith and Carson Young started pushing legislators, we’re finally seeing some major changes for the better. Read more...

Summer shades of rosé

Take note: Pink is in. Once associated with sickly-sweet blush wine, rosé is now the drink of summer. Refreshing, bright, and energetic, it’s the balmy alternative when red is too heavy and white is too sweet. Read more...

Atlanta Food Lovers Guide

Think of our A(TL) to Z index as your essential shopping list. We scoured the city’s best markets and shops to find fruits and vegetables at the peak of the season, fragrant olive oils, crusty breads, locally raised meats, tempting sweets, and much, much more. Plus, we sneak in a few restaurant recommendations. Read more...

Ten exhausting hours with restaurateur Federico Castellucci III

A day in the life of the president of Casellucci Hospitality Group

How does Castellucci keep up with four restaurants, 150 employees, and a six-days-a-week schedule? Read more...

Bowled over: Get your fill of Asian soups

Nutritious and comforting, these dishes might just be the perfect cold-weather meal

What food comforts in winter more than soup? It’s the universal restorative. But among the world’s goulashes, stews, and minestrones, the Asian traditions of soup may be the ideal one-bowl meals. Their fragrant, nutritious broths soothe and energize. These four bowls never fail to warm the stomach and heart. Read more...

Sipping chocolate: Hot cocoa for grown-ups

Spike this rich indulgance, and drink it like it's hot.

As children we found comfort in cups of Swiss Miss hot cocoa and those dinky mini-marshmallows. But the grown-up equivalent is hot chocolate—more accurately called “sipping chocolate.” Read more...

How to saber a Champagne bottle

Jennifer Sollinger of St. Regis Atlanta shares her steps

Shake up your holiday gathering this year by beheading your bottle of bubbly. “Sabering”—lobbing off the cork with a sword—is a time-honored tradition in Europe. A knife will sub just fine for an actual saber. Read more...