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Preserving the Art of Pickling

“We can pickle that!” exclaim a duo during a skit on IFC’s trend-skewering hit Portlandia (which you can easily find on YouTube). The pair grab increasingly bizarre items—ordinary cucumbers and eggs, then a dropped ice ... Read more

Nick’s Food to Go Is a Window 
into Greek Cuisine

After nearly twenty years dishing out gyros and Greek salads, Nick Poulos no longer looks quite as frisky as his cartoonish portrait painted on the large sign outside his business. His bristly mustache turned gray ... Read more

This Greek Family's Easter Feast Is a Raucous All-Day Affair

The first time Andrea Koulouris invited me to join her family’s Greek Orthodox Easter celebration, she opened the door at 11:30 a.m. with a glass of white wine in her hand. “Kalo Pascha!” she said. ... Read more

Bill Johnson Has Set the Stage for Atlanta's Most Iconic Restaurants

No one has designed more high-profile Atlanta restaurants than architect Bill Johnson. Some of his early projects from the late 1970s and the early 1980s—including Peachtree Cafe, where Buckhead learned to love Chardonnay at the ... Read more

Brilliant Banh Mi at We Suki Suki

Quynh Trinh goes by “Q” and calls everyone “honey” or “babe.” A former brand manager for Singaporean Tiger Beer who grew up in Chicago, she took over a sliver of an ice cream parlor in ... Read more

Tiny Gato Stretches from West to East

For years Gato Bizco maintained the lowest of profiles, known only as the scruffy, thirty-one-seat breakfast-and-lunch diner across the street from the original Flying Biscuit in Candler Park. But it began showing up on foodie ... Read more

Bros in 
the Biz

Justin and Jonathan Fox, the identical twins who run Fox Bros. BBQ and Big Tex, were born within three minutes of each other in San Antonio on March 2—Texas Independence Day. As teenagers, both worked ... Read more

Should You Buy Richard Blais's New Cookbook?

Richard Blais, television personality and arguably Atlanta’s most famous chef, publishes his first cookbook, Try This at Home, on February 26. Introduced by chatty headnotes, recipes like oatmeal risotto, macaroni and headcheese, and quail potpie ... Read more

Georgia Trout's Journey

5 a.m.Terry and Ruth Bramlett begin harvesting trout every morning—including today, a Wednesday—before dawn. Tucked deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains down a gravel road not far from Suches, Georgia, their home sits among ... Read more

Justin Amick Becomes a Master

Justin Amick, the general manager and sommelier of the Spence in Midtown, remembers when, as a child, he ate in a different restaurant every night and stubbornly stuck to well-done hamburgers. They were cooked especially ... Read more

Why Is Quality Bread Service Disappearing?

Lately when I call restaurants for reservations, I’ve started asking, “Do you serve bread?” Five years ago it would have been a ridiculous question, but in an effort to cut costs, fewer places are putting ... Read more

Three Cheers

BEEREddie Holley, owner of Ale Yeah! (with stores in Decatur and Roswell), suggests Terrapin’s Wake ’N’ Bake, a seasonal oatmeal imperial stout. It pairs a potent 8.6 percent alcohol porter with the buzz of ... Read more

Look Homeward, Atlanta

I grew up not far from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where the South begins, feasting on crabs and oysters from the Chesapeake Bay estuaries. My father is a politician, and each summer my family traveled to ... Read more

The Appeal of Country Ham

Chef Ryan Smith cures meat in the basement beneath Empire State South. Three flights below the reclaimed wood and dim lights that dominate the Midtown restaurant’s farmhouse-chic interior is a climate-controlled menagerie of sorghum sausages, ... Read more

The State of Biscuits in Atlanta

Biscuits have been keystones of the Southern table for more than a century. Before air-conditioning, they were beloved for their short baking time, which didn’t overheat the kitchen. In Culinary Ephemera, William Woys Weaver notes ... Read more


A macaron (the fancy Parisian sandwich cookie popularized by pastry shops like Ladurée and Pierre Hermé) is not a macaroon (the more familiar coconut confection). Jonesboro-born William Silbernagel, who runs pop-up bakeshop Bookie Macarons, doesn’t ... Read more

Chefs' Titles Take on Bureaucratic Pomp

I’m puzzled by all the variations of chefs’ titles I see on menus these days. What exactly are the differences between an executive chef, a chef de cuisine, a chef-owner, and a chef-partner? Culinary schools ... Read more

Ramadan Ends with Friends and Abated Hunger

During Ramadan, the month of fasting that is one of Islam’s pillars (or essential acts of faith), Ghada Elnajjar and her husband, Nidal Ibrahim, rise before the first light of daybreak at their Norcross home. ... Read more

Storico Fresco Uses Long-Lost Recipes for Novel Pastas

Think of Michael Patrick as a pasta scholar. A fascination with homemade noodles began during his South Florida childhood and grew into an obsession for obscure pastas made by vanishing Old World methods. A certified ... Read more

Where Celebs Eat in Atlanta

Now that Hollywood is hooked on Georgia’s tax credits for shooting the next summer blockbuster, celebrity sightings in Atlanta are commonplace enough to seem blase. Was that Lady Gaga throwing back seven whiskeys at Church? ... Read more