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  • Bill Addison

    Food Editor & Restaurant Critic

    Bill Addison became Atlanta magazine's dining editor and restaurant critic in January 2009. He began his food-writing career at Creative Loafing in Atlanta in 2002 and has since been a food critic for the San Francisco Chronicle and lead restaurant critic at the Dallas Morning News. He's been nominated twice for a James Beard Foundation award (including a nod for [our July 2010 barbecue cover package][1]) and has won several Association of Food Journalists awards.


Your Personal Sommelier

A wine gig worth envying

When I met Michael Bowden, I blurted out the same words to him that I often hear when people learn I’m a food critic: “Man, I want your job!” Bowden identifies himself as a “personal sommelier.” He manages the cellars of two wealthy oenophiles (who wish to remain anonymous), keeping track of 130,000 bottles of wine between them. Read More

Join a Brew Crew

The D.I.Y.ers of beer

The booming U.S. craft beer industry (up 15 percent in sales in 2011 and 12 percent in 2010) can trace its spate of stardom to enterprising do-it-yourselfers. The American Homebrewers Association estimates that at least 90 percent of the country’s professional beer makers began by mastering their skills in their houses. Read More

Cocktail Improv

Tres Bullard of Top Flr puts the art into action

The new breed of cocktail list, with its eccentrically named spirits and esoteric brands, sometimes needs as much interpretation as an overwhelming wine menu. More than ever, serious bartenders have to foster an articulate exchange with customers. Read More

Wine in Atlanta

Getting better with age

It would be easy to label wine as the redheaded stepchild of our drinking scene. Artisan cocktails and craft beers monopolize most of the attention these days. It’s not that we reject vino altogether. Read More