Eat Cheap - March 2012 - Atlanta Magazine

Irresistible burgers, a world tour of fried chicken, fancy hot dogs, soothing noodles, and more dishes that will leave your wallet almost as full as your stomach. Edited by Bill Addison.

Wrapped, Stuffed, Folded
The best burritos, arepas, tamales, gorditas, and Korean tacos—plus one amazing bananas Foster crepe.

Biscuits for Breakfast
Long live big, buttery biscuits. Here are the three best in metro Atlanta.

Pizza: Slices, Sheets, and a Deal
Atlanta’s trendiest pizza restaurants boast Neapolitan-style pies cooked to order. But for speedy sustenance, there’s no replacing the all-American slice.

Noodles and Pork: Three Variations
Atlanta's best Japanese ramen, hand-pulled noodles from Duluth's Assi Plaza, and mixing and matching at Mirko Pasta.

Upscale Burgers (A Relative Bargain)
Atlanta's patty party is hardly limited to neighborhood taverns. Many of our most polished restaurants slip burgers onto their menus.

Crazy for Korean
Ten dishes that set the standard for a cuisine too delicious to overlook any longer.
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Feisty Fried Chicken
Chicken cooked in some form of roiling fat exists in nearly every culture on the planet. Atlanta’s international food scene yields astonishingly diverse examples.

Spuds that Make a Meal
Where to get late-night poutine, entree-size Asian hash browns, and Mumbai-style potato cakes.

Hot Dogs Are on Fire
Whether you prefer experimental or classic, these three spots produce outstanding franks.

New Sandwiches on the Scene
A hefty Cuban, frisky banh mi, and a late-night sandwich bar. Plus: an inspirational build-your-own sandwich.

Caribbean Cruise
If we could gather a defining banquet from the area’s best Caribbean restaurants into a soulful spread, it would include these wonders.

Photos by Greg Dupree

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