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Tyler Perry and Oprah Join Forces

Oprah sightings may become more frequent now that she and Tyler Perry have taken their relationship to the OWN level. Under an exclusive partnership, the Oprah Winfrey Network will be Perry’s “singular destination for all new television series and projects.” ... Read more

'Dallas' on Social Media

Mitt Romney might be taking the oath of office—if he’d heeded a certain Twitter-addicted, bushy-browed business titan. No, the other one—Texas oilman J.R. Ewing, who during the presidential race advised Romney via tweet: “You’re a rich guy, how ’bout you ... Read more

Year in Review: 2012's Pop Hits (and Misses)

1) Morgan Saylor As Dana Brody, daughter of Damian Lewis’s terrorist/congressman Nick Brody on Homeland, the Decatur High student provides an emotional core—compared to the heartless adults—on Showtime’s runaway Emmy-winning drama. 2) Cat Power “Big, confident, and captivating” is how ... Read more

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