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Atlanta Food Lovers Guide

Think of our A(TL) to Z index as your essential shopping list. We scoured the city’s best markets and shops to find fruits and vegetables at the peak of the season, fragrant olive oils, crusty breads, locally raised meats, tempting sweets, and much, much more. Plus, we sneak in a few restaurant recommendations. Read More

Crazy Ants!

Six-legged invaders poised to take over Georgia

In the empty room, the problem was obvious. Piles of dust covered the white baseboards like dark snow, collecting in drifts against the wall and spilling out four and five inches onto the floor. It was the same in the living room and the bathroom—mounds of black dust against tan laminate tile. But when James Morgan leaned down for a closer look, he realized it wasn’t dust; it was death. Read More

Hank Aaron: 44 at 80

Four decades after setting the record, the baseball legend may finally be ready to walk off

For Aaron, this is a season of big, round numbers: eighty years on earth, forty years since breaking Babe Ruth’s career home run record. Big, round numbers tend to send reporters and fans scurrying to revisit legends and milestones to remind themselves that a figure of such Rushmorean proportions in American sports is still a flesh-and-blood man among us, and to beg a moment of his time. I was one such beggar. Read More

Re: Fredi Gonzalez

All my boss does is complain about the Braves' manager. To shut him up, I proposed a story showing him how lucky he and Atlanta baseball fans actually are.

I’m still relatively new to town, not a Braves fan. But I’ve followed baseball most of my life, and I’ve gotta say that some Braves fans seem to have an inflated sense of their own suffering. You’ve had, what, two losing seasons in the past twenty-three? Fifteen division championships? Five pennants? C’mon! Read More

Must Reads

Atlanta magazine is recognized regionally and nationally for its long-form nonfiction as well as literary essays, columns, and profiles. Here are a few of our favorites.

You Have Thousands of Angels Around You The National Magazine Award–winning story of a young refugee from Burundi who found a home in Atlanta. October 2007

The Golden Boy and the Invisible Army The story of a Georgia Tech graduate whose charmed life was cut short by swine flu. June 2010

Who Is Kasim Reed? An unprecedented closeup of the man who can't stop trying to fix our city. October 2010

The Town That Blew Away A tiny Georgia town weathers a devastating tornado. October 2011

In the Shadows Has time finally run out for DragonCon's Ed Kramer? September 2012

Spellbinder Unpacking Mitchell Gross's lies. October 2012

The Crossing Two lives, one train, and an accident that changed everything. December 2012




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