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Little Town, Big Idea: Rome's Cancer Navigators

The organization does more than support patients through a medial crisis. They steer clients through the emotional, financial, physical, and logistical challenges of coping with the deadly disease.

Rome’s Cancer Navigators do more than support patients through a medical crisis. They steer clients through the emotional, financial, physical, and logistical challenges of coping with the deadly disease. Read More

Foul Territory

How long do you have to react when a line drive is hit into the stands? Less time than it takes to yell “foul.”

Fred Fletcher doesn’t watch baseball anymore, but one night in May, he got a text from a friend: Something had happened at that evening’s Braves game. An eight-year-old boy had been hit in the head by a line drive foul off the bat of Milwaukee Brewer Carlos Gomez during the seventh inning. In bed, with the volume on low so he wouldn’t wake his wife, Fletcher watched the 11 o’clock news and then turned on a replay of the game. He didn’t see the boy, but when the ball rocketed into the stands behind the first-base dugout and the batter dropped to a knee in prayer, Fletcher began to weep. Read More

Shipped Away

The little-known fate of hundreds of Roswell women and children charged with treason, deported north, and abandoned

On any given workday, the stretch of Georgia 9 that cuts north-south through Roswell is a four-lane wall of cars. Almost as old as the city itself, the thoroughfare was once little more than a dirt wagon path called the Atlanta Road, connecting this mill town to the burgeoning railroad hub some twenty miles south. Read More

Old Spirits

Think running moonshine was tough? Eighty-six-year-old Carlos Lovell has found that going legit is enough to drive a man to drink

I am in the passenger's seat of a Chevy Silverado winding through the foothills of northeast Georgia, trying to learn the story of Carlos Lovell. But fifteen minutes into the drive, the man has barely uttered ten words from behind the wheel, and frankly, his deep, jowl-draped frown has silenced me in fear that the wrong question might land me in the ditch. Read More

Must Reads

Atlanta magazine is recognized regionally and nationally for its long-form nonfiction as well as literary essays, columns, and profiles. Here are a few of our favorites.

You Have Thousands of Angels Around You The National Magazine Award–winning story of a young refugee from Burundi who found a home in Atlanta. October 2007

The Golden Boy and the Invisible Army The story of a Georgia Tech graduate whose charmed life was cut short by swine flu. June 2010

Who Is Kasim Reed? An unprecedented closeup of the man who can't stop trying to fix our city. October 2010

The Town That Blew Away A tiny Georgia town weathers a devastating tornado. October 2011

In the Shadows Has time finally run out for DragonCon's Ed Kramer? September 2012

Spellbinder Unpacking Mitchell Gross's lies. October 2012

The Crossing Two lives, one train, and an accident that changed everything. December 2012




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