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Our dining editor's quest for the perfect 'cue took him to fifty-eight barbecue joints. Here are the results.


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#4 P'cheen

As my barbecue search wound down, friends increasingly wanted recommendations based on what I’d discovered. “Check out Marietta, or Gainesville, or Jackson,” I’d tell them. “But what if we don’t want to drive that far?” they’d cry. “What’s the best ... Read more

#5 Blind Pig BBQ

A buddy and I chanced upon Blind Pig BBQ randomly. We were in the Jackson area to visit the legendary Fresh Air Bar-B-Que. After slurping down revelatory Brunswick stew there, my friend Leon and I plotted a course for our ... Read more

A Post-Script

Atlanta is an inferior barbecue town. Or so the story went, at least in my food-obsessed circles. Was this reputation actually warranted? I’d been to several barbecue joints around town over the years and found they ranged from disappointing to ... Read more

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