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Beneath our canopy of trees lie metro Atlanta’s greatest treasures: its lively and diverse neighborhoods. In June 2011, we featured five up-and-comers, with nods to the towns and communities whose best qualities they share.

Hot Hoods

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Outside it’s raining, but inside the town hall meeting, the mayor of Acworth doesn’t see any clouds. Ever since his community was named one of ten All-America Cities by the National Civic League in 2010, hizzoner has been loose with the accolade. Fairly leaping from flip chart to PowerPoint, he ... Read more


Gazing up at the gleaming marble and glass of Suwanee’s LEED-certified city hall—just two years old and the first of its kind in Georgia—it takes only a moment of déjà vu to place the image in the proper context: Super Friends. It looks just like the Hall of Justice from ... Read more


The stockyards and slaughterhouses are gone now, but Westside’s meatpacking past has acted as both bone structure and muse for what is now one of the fastest-expanding neighborhoods in the city. With equal measures of kismet and vision, developers Kathleen Walker and Michael Phillips stumbled upon the area and sowed ... Read more

Old Fourth Ward

Until a few years ago, this swath of shotgun houses, historic sites, and neglected industrial grounds between Downtown and Inman Park lacked identity. Old-timers knew it as the Old Fourth Ward, once the bustling seat of black Atlanta and a remnant of one of the original slices of political pie ... Read more


If Brookhaven is the country-club cousin of Buckhead, then the portion of unincorporated DeKalb that extends northeast into Chamblee—through such communities as Ashford Park, Drew Valley, and Sexton Woods—is Brookhaven’s upstart child. Some locals, in tongue-in-cheek reference to its young demographics and plentiful starter homes, call this area “Brokehaven.” We’ll ... Read more

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Check out these hilarious proposed neighborhood bumper stickers.



How long you’ve lived in your neighborhood:
8% less than a year
42% 1 to 5 years
22% 5 to 10 years
17% 10-20 years
11% 20 plus years

Your top priority in choosing a neighborhood:
Commute: 22%
Other: 22%
Home prices: 17%
Restaurants/nightlife: 11%
Schools: 10%
Safety: 8%
Park/greenspace: 6%
Presence of friends: 4%
Shopping: 1%

Planning to move?
7% in less than a year
35% in 1 to 5 years
16% in 5 to 10 years
9% in 10 to 20 years
34% never! You’re staying in your home as long as possible.

If you do move, will you stay in your 'hood?
Yes! 59%
No. 41%

Road Map

Explore hot spots in Acworth, Suwanee, Westside, Old Fourth Ward, and Bramblee with our interactive map:

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