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Our restaurant critic, Bill Addison, lists the fifty best restaurants to eat at right now and rates the top ten. Get it all in the digital edition. For the time being, read Addison's thoughts on Atlanta's dining scene, explore last year's feature on the best new restaurants in Atlanta, and browse our full, un-ranked restaurant guide. Have you seen our top-fifty list? Was your favorite restaurant not included? Tell us about it in our 51st Restaurant contest and you could score a dinner with Addison himself!


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Atlanta's Dining Scene

How do you define Atlanta’s dining scene? You don’t, really—not with any permanence. This is a city of self-inventors who reject pigeonholing, and the mercurial restaurant community mirrors that. One year we dig cheap sushi and Cosmopolitans sloshed with well vodka; the next we’re on to pork belly and Manhattans ... Read more

Restaurant of the Year: Miller Union

When I want visitors not only to experience the best of Atlanta’s dining scene but also to grasp the prevailing philosophy of its more prominent chefs and restaurateurs, I start by taking them to Miller Union. Simply driving to its Westside location tells a story about the city. Where Tenth ... Read more

Antico Pizza Napoletana

The restaurant phenomenon of the year began quietly enough. Owner Giovanni di Palma flew down from New Jersey to inspect bakery spaces and took one near Georgia Tech on sight. His original plan: Operate a wholesale business selling parbaked, Neapolitan-style pizzas, and also dish out a modest amount of carryout ... Read more


Jonathan St. Hilaire, pastry chef for the Concentric Hospitality restaurant group, helms a bakery/cafe where he immerses himself daily in his professional passion: bread baking. The handsome, dense loaves lining the racks change frequently. On a recent visit I spied French country sourdough, mixed olive, honey whole wheat, cranberry-walnut, and ... Read more

Eat Here

  1. Busy Bee Cafe

    Fried chicken, oxtails, seasonal ham hocks, turnip greens, peach cobbler: This survivor, open since 1947, serves the city’s finest soul food.

  2. Bacchanalia

    How does the Westside’s crown jewel remain at the top year after year? Extraordinary hospitality, for starters. And no restaurant in town delivers fine-dining dazzle like Bacchanalia.

  3. Cakes & Ale

    Now in larger digs in Decatur Square, chef-owner Billy Allin is taking more risks, and the flavor combinations thrill. David Sweeney, formerly of Dynamic Dish, cooks brilliant lunches at the bakery next door.

  4. Canoe

    There is no prettier place to dine than this restaurant's terrace overlooking the Chattahoochee. Chef Carvel Grant Gould maintains the New American philosophy while pushing the cooking in new directions.

  5. Bone's

    Atlanta's original upscale steakhouse is still the ultimate power lunch spot. The place runs like a German automobile fresh off the assembly line. You don't see the mechanics; you just feel the rush.

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