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Atlanta’s singles scene can be as diverse and sprawling (and frustrating) as the city itself. But at Atlanta magazine, we’ve made finding your match as easy as one plus one. In additon to chronicling the wily ploys of a pickup artist, the artful advice of dating experts, and defiant life of a sugar baby, we've also included some of the bars, clubs, events, networking groups, causes, and ministries, and, yes, even a Bachelorette, that make Atlanta one of America’s best cities for singles.

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After the Final Rose

When most of us go through bad dates, hot-tub dalliances, and painful breakups, it’s usually only in front of our now-insignificant other, not an audience of millions (and usually doesn’t involve use of a lascivious “fantasy suite,” either). The same can’t be said for the love life of DeAnna Pappas, ... Read more

Match Points

My name is Meg, and I’m your perennially single friend. You know, the one who helped you move, threw an epic bachelorette party for you, and went to a company cookout with your cousin Brad after his date dumped him (you still owe me big for that). But I’m thirty-one ... Read more

Target Practice

The pickup artist, or “pua” in the systematic tongue of the seduction community, sits across the table from me talking about picking his nose, as it relates to picking up women. “I did it right in front of the hottest chick in Las Vegas,” says the well-groomed, if average-looking, business ... Read more

Born to Be Free

I turned forty in July. And I’ve had several long-term relationships with men I’ve adored but for whatever reason didn’t work out. Four years is generally when I’ll break it off, when I begin to feel like this isn’t very satisfying for me. I get what I call the “girlfriend ... Read more

I Heart a Sugar Daddy

“Can we line up and slap you?” That was the reaction I got from my closest friends when I told them about my new adventure in online dating. They were appalled.   Now, at first glance my profile reveals nothing slap-worthy: “I’m considerate and sweet yet independent and am looking ... Read more


The best part about Atlanta’s singles scene is:
How friendly everyone is: 37.8%
No best part—it sucks: 31.9%
The men and women—they’re better-looking here: 17.8%
The clubs and bars—they’re always busy: 12.6%
Other: 10.4%
What’s the most outrageous thing to ever happen to you on a date?
“The girl told me that she was hearing voices that told her to stab me in the leg with her table knife.”
“Kissing a guy on a first date—both of us are fully clothed—when he asks if I have a condom or if he should get one. He was shown the door.”
“I got very, very drunk, ditched my date, and woke up in a shrub in a residential neighborhood.”
“Someone shot at us.”
“The guy I was with asked if he could borrow a pen and paper, so I gave them to him. I then watched as he wrote a note to the girl at the next table, asking if she’d go out with him. (She did not, and I declined his request for a second date.)”
“We went out, had a wonderful time, and the next day I found out that later that night he had gotten engaged to someone else.”

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve ever met someone?
“At a bus stop late at night. Shady? Yes, I believe so.”
“Walmart” (2 responses)
“Farm Bureau”
“Gas station” (4 responses)
“Stuck in traffic with all of the southbound lanes completely closed”
“On a water taxi in Belize”
“The airport” (3 responses)
“Airplane” (2 responses)
“Emergency room”
“At the City of Atlanta while getting my business license”
“The comment section of a blog”

What's the worst date you’ve ever had in the city?
“Taco Bell, seriously.”
“Piedmont Dog Park. We met up with our dogs and he brought coffee for us. Nice conversation full of pleasantries, beautiful weather, and plenty of people-watching. Then my dog shit on his foot. I guess she didn’t approve of him.”
“Dinner at a dumpy Mexican restaurant in Smyrna where the AC didn’t work too well, followed by the guy playing Backstreet Boys on a keyboard and singing back at his apartment.”
“At the Tavern. The girl was telling me that it was okay to trap a guy. A baby mama tried to trap me and now I have a child. This girl knew that. I asked her to repeat that statement and she did. I told her, ‘As of thirty seconds ago, this date is over!’"

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