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Suwanee's pop star


Bakerella—the food blogger formerly known as Angie Dudley—used to bake only when she got a craving for something like chocolate chip cookies. It wasn’t until she took a Whole Foods cake decorating class with Angie Mosier, founder of Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop in Palmetto, that she ventured beyond store-bought mixes. Mosier’s lesson on basket-weave frosting rocked Dudley’s world.
The Suwanee graphic designer started spending weekends in the kitchen. In late 2007, she launched her blog and registered with Flickr to submit her creations to top-rated blog Cupcakes Take the Cake—picking “Bakerella” for both online accounts simply so she wouldn’t forget the usernames. She had made cake “balls” before, but only cupcakes would be considered by CTTC. So she figured out a way to turn the cake spheres into cupcakes using a flower-shaped cookie cutter—and, for the first time, she put them on a stick, which developed into her specialty.
Not only did CTTC love Dudley’s confections, but The Martha Stewart Show invited her to appear during Cupcake Week. The blogosphere erupted, as did Dudley’s imagination. Soon she was using candy corn for bunny ears and turkey feathers. Pretzels turned into deer antlers, and French burnt peanuts into curly red clown hair.
National ads now scroll on her website, which won the 2010 Bloggie for best food blog. Her first book, the spiral-bound Cake Pops, was released last fall, immediately breaking into the top ten of the New York Times bestselling advice books.
But Dudley, age thirty-eight, finds her newfound celebrity status “surreal.” During a book tour stop in New York, Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively invited her over to bake—proving they were kindred spirits by whipping out a can of edible silver luster spray to polish off a tin man.
Photograph courtesty of Angie Dudley

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