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The best Atlanta has to offer—everything from staples in business since the 1920s to eateries opened just last year, tender bird both deep-fried and pan-fried, even one with a honey-drizzled coating.
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  • Opposites attract: Chicken and waffles are the original sweet-and-salty odd couple

    Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Who cares, it's delicious

    Before bacon-maple doughnuts and chocolate-dipped potato chips snagged their fifteen minutes of stardom, fried chicken and waffles paired off as the original sweet-and-salty odd couple. Read More
  • A worldly bird

    It's a southern staple, certainly, but these international dishes prove fried chicken tastes delicious in every culture

    As we said in our introduction, this bird belongs to the world. You might not think of making fried chicken with Indian-inspired coconut oil and mango sauce, but it totally works. Check out these five Atlanta eateries serving fried chicken with international flair. Read More
  • Publix chix fix

    We were originally going to compare the grocery chain's chicken to other fast food joints, but it stands out in a category on its own

    The biggest revelation during my research for this project? How oblivious I was to the adoration surrounding Publix fried chicken. Read More
  • Winging it

    New York invented the sports bar snack, but two ATL resturants have the execution perfected

    The province of chicken wings belongs to the Northeast, not the South. Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, lays stake to the invention of deep-frying wings, claiming owner Teressa Bellissimo made them as a snack for her bartender son, Dominic, and his friends. Read More

A fried chicken manifesto
Fried chicken belongs to the world. Wherever fowl wander the yard or roost in coops, and in any culture in which cooks ply hot fat, the dish surely exists. The twentieth-century globalization of U.S. fast-food chains ensured that nearly every country on the planet knows the baseline pleasure of battered and deep-fried poultry. More from Bill Addison
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Southern-Fried Chains

Fast-food fried chicken joints are as much a part of the Atlanta topography as magnolias and strip malls. Which of them cranks out the best golden bird? To find out, we rounded up meals from three familiar Southern-owned chains: Bojangles’, headquartered in Charlotte, and Church’s and Popeyes, both based out of Atlanta. See who won

Chicken Chasers

Of course you can have chicken and beer, but the fried delicacy pairs well with wine and cocktails, too. Read more