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  • Scott Roberts

    Copy Editor

    In 2008, immediately after earning his bachelor’s degree in English from Clayton State University, Roberts scored an internship at Atlanta magazine, and in 2011, he returned as the full-time copy editor and an occasional writer. He is a regular contributor of CD and concert reviews to the Atlanta Music Guide website and has had the pleasure of interviewing the likes of Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Richard Lloyd (Television), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), and Fran Healy (Travis). He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist whose band, Last Chance Runaround, performs regularly in Atlanta and beyond in support of their 2010 debut album, Alter Idem. Roberts lives in Tucker with his wife of more than twenty-five years, Sheri, and the lights of his life, his twin eight-year-old daughters, Lucy and Olivia.


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Arthritis Simulation Gloves
Here’s a novel way to make jars and packages easier to open: Let manufacturers see what it’s like to handle products with arthritic hands. These gloves, developed by Georgia Tech Research Institute engineers, stiffen the joints and make it harder to grip, turn, and push down on lids. Some manufacturers are already using the empathy-inducing handwear in product trials, and builders are using them to test doorknobs and cabinet drawers. That should enable companies to prepare for an aging population. Read more...