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Author Mary Jo DiLonardo

  • Mary Jo DiLonardo

    Editorial Contributor

    Mary Jo DiLonardo has been an Atlanta Magazine contributor for 15 years, covering education, health, and family issues. She has written for many magazines, newspapers, and web sites including WebMD where her work has made her half-doctor, half-hypochondriac. She is currently trying to survive parenting a teenage boy.



Michelle LaPlaca, Georgia Tech and David Wright, Emory

Michelle LaPlaca, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech, and David Wright, an expert in neuroscience and emergency medicine developed DETECT, a device that better diagnoses concussion. Read more...

The TEDDY Study

Jin-Xiong She and Georgia Regents University

The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) project aims to determine how diet, exercise, or environmental factors might trigger kids carrying high-risk type 1 diabetes genes to develop the disease. Read more...