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Paideia School

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1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 404-377-3491


Grades pre-K–12

Total number of students 983

Number of high school students 420

Founded 1971

Students of color 30%

Average class size (K–6) 27 (with 2 teachers)

Average class size (7–8) 14

Average class size (high school) 14

Religious affiliation none

Seniors with National Merit recognition 21%

Grade foreign language first offered 7

Language(s) offered French, Spanish

Lowest tuition for 5-day students $18,660

Annual tuition for grade 12 $20,835

Students receiving financial aid 14%

Class size expands in K, 1, 6, 7, 9; openings at all ages

Uniform no

Bus transportation no

Teacher retention rate 95% (last 5 years)

Number of AP courses offered 10

Students scoring 3+ on AP exams data NA

Varsity sports baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, Ultimate, volleyball

Division GHSA class A

Number of art studios 5

High school theater productions per year 6

High school musical ensembles 6

Annual applications per opening data NA

Tuition Key

$  Less than $10K
$$  $10,000 to 16,999
$$$  $17,000 to 20,000
$$$$  More than $20K

As tuition frequently varies by grade level, a school's highest possible tuition is considered.