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The Westminster Schools

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1424 West Paces Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30327 404-355-8673


Grades pre-1–12

Total number of students 1,846

Number of high school students 813

Founded 1951

Students of color 26%

Average class size (K–5) 18 (2 teachers per class)

Average class size (middle school) 16

Average class size (high school) 16

Religious affiliation nondenominational Christian

Seniors with National Merit recognition 42% (including National Achievement)

Grade foreign language first offered pre-1

Language(s) offered Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish

Lowest tuition for 5-day students $20,165

Annual tuition for grade 12 $23,385

Students receiving financial aid 15%

Class size expands in 6, 7, 9

Uniform no

Bus transportation no

Teacher retention rate 93%

Number of AP courses offered 23

Students scoring 3-plus on AP exams 92%

Varsity sports baseball, basketball, cheerleading, crew, cross-country, football, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, swimming/diving, tennis, track, volleyball, wrestling

Division GHSA class AA

Number of art studios 9

High school theater productions per year 4

High school musical ensembles 10

Annual applications per opening 4

Tuition Key

$  Less than $10K
$$  $10,000 to 16,999
$$$  $17,000 to 20,000
$$$$  More than $20K

As tuition frequently varies by grade level, a school's highest possible tuition is considered.