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  1. Barcelona Wine Bar

    240 North Highland Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 See Map
    This splashy, Spanish-inspired concept in Inman Park offers Tempranillo varietals and a great selection of sherries to imbibe while snacking on cured meats and cheeses.
  2. Carroll Street Cafe

    208 Carroll Street SE Atlanta, GA 30312 See Map
    We’ll concede that the charm of this bistro, tucked into a historic mill village storefront, seasons the dining experience, but the cafe hasn’t earned locals’ loyalty on charisma alone.
  3. Holy Taco

    1314 Glenwood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30316 See Map
    Holy Taco has found a groove serving affordable and ever-nervier interpretations of Latin small plates. For restaurant-goers who feel that every place in town serves the same ingredients prepared in similar ways, this East Atlanta gem is an antidote.
  4. Krog Bar

    112 Krog Street Atlanta, GA 30307 See Map
    Kevin Rathbun's wine-and-tapas bar promotes communal interaction rather than date-night tête-à-tête. The space is minuscule, and strangers start conversations over finger food such as duck prosciutto tramezzini and cured meats.
  5. Lunacy Black Market

    231 Mitchell Street Atlanta, GA 30303 See Map
    Provocative chef Paul Luna returns to the scene with a Downtown restaurant that reflects a mellowed disposition. Tapas remain his metier and usually cost between $3 and $4. Hello, cheap date night.

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