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Burnt Fork Bar-B-Q

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614 Church Street Decatur, GA 30030 404-373-7155


This well-intentioned barbecue joint, which opened in 2011, fits right into the Decatur community. Owner Josh Kramer feeds vegetarians and vegans—with meatless sides listed separately and a Korean-themed taco that can be made with tofu—and uses sustainably raised beef from Painted Hills. But skill needs to accompany mindfulness: Twice I've had ribs here with a nearly scorched bark and a layer of fat that hadn't yet been rendered, a sign the meat didn't smoke long enough. Better to stick with the pulled pork, flanked with crunchy-soft toast from homemade bread and dressed with one of four regional sauces, including a tomato-based Kansas with a black pepper kick and a smooth South Carolina mustard variation.


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