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  • Want to join the Atlanta tennis scene? A quick primer

    Tips for those new to the bustling and competitive sport

    For proof that tennis is a game of “love,” look no further than Kathy Berthelette, who met her husband, Dan Bradley, when she picked up the game in 1986. Their first date was buying her a decent racket. Now Berthelette is president of the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association, the self-proclaimed “largest local tennis league in the country.” Read More
  • Thanks to Georgia Tech, a tongue piercing could soon control a wheelchair

    This new system would replace sip-and-puff wheelchairs, making movement easier and faster

    Most people who are quadriplegics use sip-and-puff wheelchairs; they blow or suck into a straw to direct their chairs. But movement is limited to left, right, forward, and backward. New technology developed by a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology would allow quadriplegics to use tongue-controlled devices to command not only wheelchairs, but also computers, phones, and video games. Read More
  • Countdown to the Peachtree 10k

    It's time to choose your training program

    Running the July 4 AJC Peachtree Road Race this year? Now’s the time to get in shape. Here are some local running clubs if you need a little extra motivation. Read More
  • The itchy problem with selfies

    Social media snaps may cause head lice

    It's so cute when teenagers get all scrunched together with their phones so they can take selfies for Instagram or whatever social media site is hip that day. What's not cute is that selfies could be the reason lice are a big deal with teens and college students. Read More
  • Atlanta Derby Brats: Heck on Wheels

    'Little League' for roller derby builds muscles and self-esteem

    The little girl in roller skates and polka-dotted knee socks looks like a newborn giraffe, stumbling, wobbling, never really finding her footing as she tries to scoot around the track. Read More
  • Miserable in the South?

    Gallup poll rates well-being across the U.S.

    People in the South can be pretty miserable. According to a recent Gallup poll, the well-being of Americans hasn't gotten any better in the past six years, and it's worse if you happen to live in much of the southern U.S. Read More
  • Sex is quick in Georgia

    App research shows we don't waste time in the sack

    You want long, romantic sexual encounters? Move to New Mexico. Or West Virginia or Idaho. Georgians don't spend a lot of time doing the deed. Read More
  • Crowdsourcing helps local boy with health issues

    Lawrenceville preschooler gets help from strangers

    When Cason Griffith had severe eczema as an infant, his pediatrician said hopefully he'd outgrow it. But more than four years later, the Lawrenceville preschooler has continued to have skin issues so serious that they make him absolutely miserable. Read More
  • Circus arts: Danger from above

    There's no clowning around in Sky Gym's aerial classes

    “I don’t mean to sound grim, but people die doing this,” the bald man says, his goateed face looking grave and his legs folded into lotus position. Read More
  • Atlantans figure out ways to exercise in cold weather

    Snow and ice won't keep them idle

    Serious exercisers aren't put off by the doom and gloom snow, rain, and sleet hitting Atlanta. They find ways to hit the streets, ride bikes, or lug laundry in order to get their exercise fix. Read More