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Atlanta Derby Brats: Heck on Wheels

'Little League' for roller derby builds muscles and self-esteem

The little girl in roller skates and polka-dotted knee socks looks like a newborn giraffe, stumbling, wobbling, never really finding her footing as she tries to scoot around the track. Read more...

Circus arts: Danger from above

There's no clowning around in Sky Gym's aerial classes

“I don’t mean to sound grim, but people die doing this,” the bald man says, his goateed face looking grave and his legs folded into lotus position. Read more...

OMG! Cycling, Atlanta style!

KTX indoor-cycling lives up to the Internet hype

This is an indoor-cycling class unlike any I’ve ever attended, avoided, observed, or taught. Read more...

Preaching the gospel of Muscle Activation Techniques

Is Atlanta's Jason Colleran a muscle miracle worker?

The man was in a wheelchair, his shoulders hunched and his wrists twisted from a muscular disability, as Jason Colleran worked on him, pressing his fingers onto the man’s muscle attachment tissues in the hopes of elongating them and helping the muscles to contract. Read more...

Finding your inner chef

Garnish and Gather does it all for you (except for the cooking)

I stare at the partially-mashed glob of sweet potatoes, immersed in a bowl of water. It looks like Jabba the Hutt is taking a bath. This can’t be right. I consult the recipe card from Garnish & Gather, a new Atlanta business that provides cook-at-home kits with local, organic foods and pre-measured ingredients for simple recipes from notable chefs like Seth Freedman and Julia LeRoy. Read more...

Confessions of a fitness trainer

What your instructors are really thinking

There’s a lot going on behind an instructor’s smile. Here, four Atlanta fitness professionals reveal their innermost thoughts, pet peeves, and what they really, really wish you would stop doing when you’re in the gym. Read more...

Dealing with insomnia

A Decatur doctor offers tips on getting some sleep

I live with a man who at 10 p.m. can drink a caffeinated Diet Coke, fire off twenty emails, read a New Yorker article on his backlit iPad and then abruptly say goodnight, turn off the light and fall asleep in less than fifteen seconds. As he snores away, I seethe. Read more...

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