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    Christine Van Dusen is newsroom veteran who writes about everything from the bond market to Britney Spears as a freelance writer and the founder of Linchpin Media in Atlanta. Her work has appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, US Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, Prospect News, and Delta Sky.


Test driving 6 Atlanta nutritionists and personal trainers

We sent reporters on anonymous visits to test six different introductory sessions

Our writer checks out three nutritionists to discover why he can't put on weight, while another writer seeks personal trainers to help her figure out why she can't do sit-ups. Read more...

Ironmen brothers inspire other athletes with disabilities

Kyle Pease, who has cerebral palsy, and older brother Brent cover sea and land with each other

Kyle Pease laughs when he sees the picture of him and his older brother, Brent, at the 2011 Charles Harris Run for Leukemia. In the photo, Kyle, who has cerebral palsy, is wearing a golf club cover on his left hand, and there’s a blue bed pillow behind his head in what looks like a toddler’s jogging stroller. “We had no idea what we were doing,” Kyle says. Read more...

Healthcare champions

We salute these visionaries who are making Atlanta a healthier place to live

From the road, the old gas station didn’t stand out much from its neighbors—a boarded-up brick two-story building and a green-awninged bodega—on this stretch of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard just west of the Georgia Dome. Read more...

Aerial dance classes in Atlanta

Our tester takes flight at Sky Gym. Plus, five other places to hone your acrobatic skills.

Check Instagram and you’ll see photos of celebs stretching out on silks—from Khloé and Kourtney to January Jones. Fitness classes have sprung up to capitalize on the art’s growing popularity, with Reebok creating Jukari Fit to Fly, a session that combines suspension training and cardio. Even Hugh Jackman has reportedly said he does trapeze as an alternative to weight training. But there are no celebrities in this class at Sky Gym, and nobody’s getting coddled like a Kardashian. Read more...

Atlanta Derby Brats: Heck on Wheels

'Little League' for roller derby builds muscles and self-esteem

The little girl in roller skates and polka-dotted knee socks looks like a newborn giraffe, stumbling, wobbling, never really finding her footing as she tries to scoot around the track. Read more...

Circus arts: Danger from above

There's no clowning around in Sky Gym's aerial classes

“I don’t mean to sound grim, but people die doing this,” the bald man says, his goateed face looking grave and his legs folded into lotus position. Read more...

OMG! Cycling, Atlanta style!

KTX indoor-cycling lives up to the Internet hype

This is an indoor-cycling class unlike any I’ve ever attended, avoided, observed, or taught. Read more...