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Making the most of your aging memory

7 ways to improve the efficiency of a weakening brain

You can recall every obscure song lyric, but you can’t find your car keys or remember why you went upstairs. Welcome to the aging brain. Read more...

Elderburbia: Why aging in Atlanta is hard

Blame subdivisions and sprawl for that, too

Subdivisions and urban sprawl aren't too kind to an aging population. Being car-dependent puts a damper on seniors who want to be able to walk or take public transit around their homes to get out and about. A workshop here Friday will center on what we could and should be doing to help seniors live here more easily. Read more...

Growing old in Georgia

This isn't the greatest place to age

Georgia isn't necessarily a great place to grow old. When it comes to senior's health, we rank 43rd in a new ranking. The report takes into account nearly three dozen factors including physical inactivity, obesity, insurance coverage for medications, self-reported health status, and hospital readmission rates. Read more...

Retiring in Georgia

It doesn’t cost so much to grow old here

It won't hurt your wallet so much to grow old in Georgia as in many other parts of the country. A private room in a nursing home here costs $63,875/year on average, which is less than the national media rate of $81,030. Read more...