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Atlanta Derby Brats: Heck on Wheels

'Little League' for roller derby builds muscles and self-esteem

The little girl in roller skates and polka-dotted knee socks looks like a newborn giraffe, stumbling, wobbling, never really finding her footing as she tries to scoot around the track. Read more...

Where Atlantans run

Mapping software charts runners' routes

Want to see where people run in Atlanta? Check out this purple spider web of a map. No surprise, but people seem to like running in parks and around water. Read more...

Preaching the gospel of Muscle Activation Techniques

Is Atlanta's Jason Colleran a muscle miracle worker?

The man was in a wheelchair, his shoulders hunched and his wrists twisted from a muscular disability, as Jason Colleran worked on him, pressing his fingers onto the man’s muscle attachment tissues in the hopes of elongating them and helping the muscles to contract. Read more...

Resolution: Exercise and lose weight!

The gyms are packed because it's January

Have you hit the gym yet? It's three days into the New Year. What are you waiting for? Exercising more and losing weight are two of the top three New Year's resolutions according to a Harris Poll and you can certainly tell if you work out at a local fitness center. You may have to stand in line for the elliptical or get ticked when the newbies don't wipe off the machines when they're finished. Read more...

Exercise gift ideas

Tis the season to be fit

Looking for ideas for the health nut on your holiday list? We have them. Nutritious drinks, relaxation, exercise classes, and something for your pup. Read more...

Exercising in traffic

Working out in the least likely places.

I tossed a five-foot resistance band into the Civic, knowing I'd hit some traffic later that afternoon, while heading across town. Sure enough, I was at a standstill on Georgia 400 around 4pm. But unlike most people standing still in late September, I was sweating. Read more...

Free fitness class on the BeltLine

FitWit takes it to the streets

Now there's a new way to move along the BeltLine: later this month, you'll be able to lunge, squat, sit-up, push-up, kettle bell, and burpee your way along the path, too, guided by the instructors at FitWit. Read more...

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