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Doctor shortage in Georgia

New reports says state really needs docs in rural areas

A shortage of doctors continues in the state, limiting access to care throughout Georgia, especially in rural areas. Read more...

Malaria cases on the rise

Ninety-nine cases here in Georgia

Worried about the flu? How shortsighted of you. Malaria is what should be on your radar. According to the CDC, malaria cases have reached a 40-year-high. In 2011, 1,925 cases were reported in the United States. Ninety-nine of those cases were reported right here in Georgia. Read more...

Kids buying smokes in Georgia

Illegal sales to minors big in the state

Kids are illegally lighting up a lot in Georgia. Our state has the fifteenth highest rate of retailers breaking laws aimed at stopping the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to underage youths, according to a new federal study. Read more...

Georgia 20th most obese state

Blame it on the sweet tea?

We need to exercise more. A new report says 29.1 percent of Georgians are obese, making the Peach State the 20th most obese state in the country. Based on data released in July 2013, Louisiana is the most obese state and Colorado is the least. Read more...

Georgia hospitals boost economy by $38.6 million

They still hire people, too

Hospitals obviously fix ailing bodies. They're also pretty good for an ailing economy. Even in iffy economic times, hospitals in Georgia gave the state's economy $38.6 million in 2011, according to a report by the Georgia Hospital Association. Read more...

Georgia not a dangerous place to work

Think twice before moving to Maine

For the most part, it's not all that dangerous to work in Georgia. We're not a state filled with fishers and loggers (two of the deadliest careers), so maybe that's why we're smack dab in the middle of a new study citing the most dangerous states in which to work. Read more...

Seniors, enjoy your last 18.2 years

Life expectancy is low in Georgia

Life expectancy for people 65-plus isn't great if you live in the South. According to new information from the CDC, seniors can expect to live an average of another 19.1 years. But if you live in Georgia, make that 18.2 years. It's 17.5 in Mississippi (the lowest in the country) and 17.6 years in Alabama. Read more...

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